Hey PI-Fans,

Previously released at Gen Con 2019, The Blob That Ate Everything scenario pack for the Arkham Horror Card Game is now available at the Games @ PI webstore. Like the classic horror films that inspired it, the scenario sends investigators to the town of Blackwater, even as the town is in the process of being devoured by a strange, viscous and exceptionally hungry blob monster. It’s up to the investigators to discover a way to contain this slimy menace before… well… the scenario name does give it away.

The Blob That Ate Everything scenario pack pits your Arkham Horror investigators against this fourth-wall breaking horror as it slowly engulfs a town, and purchasing additional copies of this pack, allow it to be run as a massive convention level scenario across multiple cooperating tables. You can order your own copy of The Blob That Ate Everything at our webstore now, or pick it up at the Games @ PI store from the 8th of July (evening).

Also, don’t forget to check out the the Arkham Horror LCG range while you’re there. If you were looking for copies of the Dunwich Legacy or Forgotten Age cycles, you’re in luck. Alternatively, pick up the Blood of Baalshandor or To Fight The Black Wind novellas, each of which comes with their own variant investigator cards and take to the field with all new character options!




Available now at Games @ PI and the Games @ PI Webstore