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Hey PI-Fans, From SYNT Studios, the makers of The Singaporean Dream comes Hawker Wars.  Celebrating Singapore's beloved hawker culture and smorgasbord of food, Hawker Wars is a four-player title which puts you in control of your own hawker stall. Players use their actions to rush and gather ingredients to fulfil customer orders while taking time away from their busy schedule to mess with their opponents. Perfect for a pocket title and light in-your-face style take-that gameplay, Hawker Wars pairs perfectly with it's older sibling The Singaporean Dream as a quick sit down game. If you're after more pocket sized light bites, consider grabbing a copy of Love Letter, Sushi Go or Ramen Fury off the shelf or swinging by the Games @ PI Webstore to load up.    

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Aeronautica Imperialis: Wrath of Angels Preregistration Bonuses

Hey PI-Fans, Joining the Imperial Navy, Orks and the T’au Air Caste factions. Comes the latest two factions Aeldari Craftworlds and Space Marines. No. We don't know when the release date is either, but we're working to ensure you get yours on street date. What's the price? We have no idea either. Games@PI is running another preregistration promo for Aeronautica Imperialis - Wrath of Angels. Click THIS link to go to the Preregistation.       EARLY RESERVATION BONUS GET 30% OFF FINAL RETAIL PRICE FOR REGISTERING INTEREST Secure your copy now. $100 preregistration of interest. Reservation order will be taken in order of receipt of preregistration deposit. This is not the final price - customers preregistering their interest will be informed of the final price of the box when manufacturer MSRP is announced. In the event of short supply, orders will be fulfilled according to reservation order - refunds [...]

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Cold Wars and Wet Wars

Hey PI-Fans, The week trundles along and we've got some more stuff for you as well. We figure Munchkin needs no introduction, but if you're a Munchkin fan, the Something Fishy expansion is there for a nautical themed does of Dungeon Crawling humor to all standard Munchkin decks. There's also Detective: Vienna Connection, a reimplementation of the bestselling Detective: Modern Crime as a Cold War Espionage Thriller. If you like story-driven games with immersive narration and an engaging plot and grew up on Bond Movies and spy films... Well, this might be the title for you. Both titles are now on our shelves, or you can grab your own off the Games @ PI Webstore and take advantage of our contactless-delivery options.

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EVENT CANCELLATION: Magic the Gathering, Adventures in the Forgotten Realms

Hey PI-Fans, We apologize for the sudden announcement, but with the tightening of COVID-19 Measures and the return to Phase 2 (Heightened Alert), we are cancelling our previously announced Magic the Gathering: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Prerelease Event. Unfortunately we're closing the Dungeon. In line with the new announced measures, our gaming-space will remain closed. Product will still be available for sale on launch date but in-store gaming and the launch event will be cancelled and you'll still be able to pick up the launch day promotion items.

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Criminal Cases and Space Places

Hey PI-Fans, With another week kicking off, there's a couple of new titles on the shelves for your perusal. The Crew: Quest for Planet Nine has made it's way into the store, along with the new Chronicles of Crime standalone Chronicles of Crime: 1900. You can grab them in person, or swing by our webstore and opt for contactless delivery!     You are Victor Lavel, a young ambitious journalist working for a major newspaper. It's the year 1900, the middle of the Belle Époque, and Paris flourishes. There are so many stories to cover, the Exposition Universelle, the Summer Olympics, the opening of the first metro station, but as a Lavel, a family famous for solving crimes since the middle ages, you are murders, kidnapping, and robberies. Being a journalist helps you in being among the first to know about them and your wits often make you the first [...]

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You find yourself in a game of Magic.

Come join Games@PI as we open our tables* for some epic spell-slinging with the latest set from Magic the Gathering, Adventures in the Forgotten Realms. 25 & 26 July 2PM - 6PM Everything you love from Dungeons & Dragons meets Magic in the Forgotten Realms! Play cards featuring fan-favorite characters, and battle with iconic monsters like beholders, mimics, mind flayers, and—of course—legendary dragons! Pick up a Prerelease Kit and crack them open! And see the wonderful cards bursting with the flavour of the legendary heroes, epic monsters, and wondrous items found in the world of Dungeons & Dragons. With alternate art and borderless cards like these.                                                                                                                       From there, it's time to build your deck and start duelling with some new [...]

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Not The Best Pitch Anyone Has Had…

Hey PI-Fans, It's another week, so we'd like to mention that the expansion for Parks, Nightfall is available in both the store and webstore. On top of that, we've got stocks of Pitchstorm, a new card game of great horrible movie pitches. This comes with the usual restock wave for titles like Ticket to Ride, Catan, Pandemic, Trial by Trolley and other staples, so if you're looking for something to spend time with some friends, there's always the classics. All of these titles are now available at Games @ PI and the Games @ PI webstore, so come check them out. Pitchstorm is a party game that puts you in the position of an unprepared writer pitching movies to the world's worst executives. (AKA, your friends.) Each round, one player acts as the executive, while everyone else plays as a writer trying to pitch them the next Hollywood Blockbuster. Each [...]

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Crystal Ball Gazing – Warhammer 40,000 Preregistration Bonuses

Hey PI-Fans, Games Workshop are such a tease aren't they? While auguries are mostly the domain of the followers of Tzeentch, the Warhammer Community website is far less subtle, so judging by all the past trailers, we know three things. The Beastsnagga Orks Box is on the way, there's going to be an upcoming Thousand Sons vs Grey Knights Box and Kill Team is going to be revamped in some way, shape or form as well. What's in the boxes? For the most part, we have no idea. What's the price? We have no idea either. But, you're still here, so you sort of know what's coming right? We're doing it for the usual Beastsnagga Ork Box, Thousand Sons vs Grey Knights and Kill Team Revamp boxes. We don't even know the names yet, so please try to be a bit more specific when contacting us. Click Here to place [...]

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Hey PI-Fans, We have positions open for a retail supervisor to join the Games @ PI Team. Games @ PI is on the look out for responsible individuals to join the retail team. We are accepting applications able to work a duration of a full year for retail supervisors.   If you are interested in a position with us, submit your resume to   Games @ PI retail supervisors manage retail partners and oversee the efficient functioning of the store. To succeed in a retail supervisor role, you need to possess a sense of responsibility and a commitment to maintaining retail standards to create a exciting retail experience for our customers. We are accepting both full and part time applications able to work a position for a duration of at least one year. The Retail Supervisor is tasked with: Managing retail operations at the Games @ PI Retail Store Managing a team of [...]

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Shelf-Loading In Progress

Hey PI-Fans, Despite some minor comedic shipment delays, we're keeping the good times coming at Games @ PI with more new board games heading onto our shelves. For one, we've reloaded our Tiny Epic range with new titles, expansions and the all new Tiny Epic Pirates and it's expansion Curse of Amdiak and there's more cool stuff in the pipeline as well. In the meantime, you can grab them direct from the Games @ PI retail store or our webstore.   Tiny Epic Kingdoms's Heroes Call is an expansion for Tiny Epic Kingdoms that introduces heroes to the battles of Tiny Epic Kingdoms as the war. Heroes will bring to play a variety of benefits unique to their classes as well as War Tower fortifications which better help players defend their territories. Heroes Call also includes single-play rules, with a pseudo AI system running enemy factions allowing a player to [...]

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