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New Releases – August 25, 2020

Hey PI-Fans! We just received 3 New Releases yesterday evening: 'Chope!', 'Mooncake Master' and 'Remember Our Trip'  All designed by local Singaporean, Daryl Chow! Support local! Chope!   In Singapore, everyone knows the 'Laws of Chope', basically 'hawker table reservation etiquette.' If you see a packet of tissue placed on a hawker table seat, it means its reserved. As every Singaporean knows, reserving hawker table seats is a game of 'faster choper first': you don't slap that tissue packet down, you don't get that hawker seat. In 'Chope!', players are hungry folks trying to get their favourite hawker delights and find a table. On your turn, flip open as many cards from the centre hawker deck to see how much food cards you can get. There's Chicken Rice, Nasi Briyani, Nasi Lemak, Laksa to name a few. If you encounter 2 of the same food cards, you bust! You'll be [...]

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Current Promotions & Further Clearance of A Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures

Hey PI-Fans! Hope you had a good Monday, just to update everyone on our current promotions ongoing at the store: 1. A Song Of Ice and Fire Miniatures at 40% off 2. Magic items before Core 2021 at 30% 3. Wizkids minis at buy 2 get 1 free 4. X-Wing items at 40% off 5. Limpeh Says and Singapore Dream bundle at $55 6. Warhammer 40k Recruit Box with Hobby Starter Kit bundle at $100   Well, Ice and Fire fans, we’re going to sweeten the deal even further: Ice and Fire items are all 40% off, BUY ONE GET ONE FREE. What are you waiting for? DRACARYS!! See you at the store!

Table Bookings are Back!

Hey PI-Fans, We know lots of you have been asking when can they come back and play in the store, TODAY is the day we're opening up tables for booking again! As Covid-19 is still around, we are limiting gamers in groups of 4 people max.  Booking times are from Tues to Thur evenings from 6pm to 9pm. For non-members, it's a flat charge of $10 per booking to be made upon arrival. Members will pay 1 PI point per booking. There is no charge for customers who participate in in-store events eg. demos   House Rules  Please book a table at least 2 days in advance, cancellations to be made 1 day before a session. Late cancellations and bookings are frowned upon. There will be an additional charge of $10 per hour after 9pm. Drinks can be consumed in the store. No food is allowed. Please clear your trash [...]

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The Games@PI #PlayGamesHaveFun Photo Contest!

"The true object of all human life is play." -- G. K. Chesterton   Hey PI-Fans, How's it going? Covid-19 has affected the way we live, work and play. Being human, we're incredibly resilient and come out of adversity stronger! We want to celebrate the spirit of tabletop gaming by launching a photo contest that showcases people playing analog games and having a great time together: whether its at home, at the store or somewhere else! To Enter Take a photo of your *family, friends or others playing a tabletop game. It could be a Board Game, Card Game, Role-Playing Game, War Game!  Take a photo, stick it on your social media wall, tag us, and use the hash tag #PlayGamesHaveFun. This can be on FaceBook or Instagram. You do need to have the PI logo somewhere in the photo! Contest entry will be from Aug 20 to Sept 19, [...]

10 Delicious Food Theme Games that will Make You Hungry

"People who love to eat are always the best people" -- Julia Child Who doesn't like to eat? Singaporeans in particular, LOVE food. We can have Roti Prata for breakfast, a burger meal and bubble tea for lunch, Korean Tteokbokki for a snack, Laksa for dinner and maybe some hot tau huay for supper. So when you mention food themed games, that makes our hearts flutter! Here are 10 food theme games that will definitely make you hungry!   Ramen Fury Players are Ramen chefs who aim to make the tastiest bowl of Ramen and be the first to finish 3 bowls. Players add ingredient cards like Cha Siu, Narutos, Scallions to their bowl of noodles and 'eat' (flip) them to score. But guess what? You can sabotage other chefs by throwing undesirable flavours into their bowls like Chili Peppers. A quick, frantic set matching game that will have you [...]

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New Releases and Restocks – August 17, 2020

Hey PI-Fans! We have a big restock today and 2 New Releases: Dragonrealm and Bang! The Dice Game Undead or Alive Expansion! Dragonrealm   Dragonrealm is a adventure card game where players are adventurers! The goal is to gather as much gold as you can and become ruler of the Realm! Explore the land, sneak into cabins, search treehouses or storm the Isle of Dragons. Watch out for pesky Goblins who pop up to steal your loot! For 2-4 players, goes for 30min, ages 10+   Bang! The Dice Game Undead or Alive Expansion     You’ve played Bang! The Dice Game, now there’s an additional threat to deal with: The Undead! There’s 8 new characters, new duel dice, and zombie mode for eliminated players! For 3-8 players, goes for 20min, ages 8+   So come on down and pick up some games today!  

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Presenting the Winners of the Bang! Dice Game Giveaway & Indomitus Giveaway!

Hey PI-Fans, enjoying your Sunday thus far? We've had 2 Giveaways in the past few months: The Bang! Dice Game Giveaway which was last week and the Warhammer 40k Indomitus Giveaway in June   The Winner of the Bang! The Dice Game Giveaway! Congratulations to Gabriel of @gab.paints.stuff who was 1 of 21 entries who took part in the Instagram Giveaway! Gabriel is also a hobby miniature painter and has an awesome Instagram account full of painted miniatures! Go follow his account! Enjoy your Prize and have a wonderful time playing the game with friends and family!    The Winner of the Indomitus Giveaway! Congratulations to William Wu! The God Emperor chose him to be the Winner of the coveted, limited edition box set, being the lucky one of 45 entries! We hope we made your 2020 and that you've been playing Warhammer 40k with your Indomitus armies! [...]

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New Pokemon Trading Card Game Releases: Battle Academy and Darkness Ablaze!

Hey PI-Fans, We’ve just got the latest Pokemon Trading Card Game products: Battle Academy and Sword & Shield: Darkness Ablaze! The new Battle Academy starter box is a great one to get started on your Pokemon Trading Card journey! You and a friend can learn the basics, play with 3 different theme decks and get familiar with the game! If you bought 3 decks on their own, it would total up to $80 but this fantastic box only costs $40 which is amazing value! Veteran Pokemon fans, we have the Darkness Ablaze boosters, theme decks and Elite Trainer Box ready for purchase!        So come on down and pick up the new items! See you at the store!

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The Winner of the Bang! The Dice Game Giveaway!

Hey Everyone!  For those who took part in our Bang! The Dice Game Giveaway on Instagram, WE HAVE A WINNER! Thanks for participating and Congratulations to the Winner! We'll be contacting you shortly about collecting your prize. Head to our IGTV to find out who!  Stay tuned to our Website, Facebook and Instagram for more news and PI-happenings! Never miss an update! Subscribe to our Telegram Channel!   

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Magic: The Gathering – Double Masters Releases Today!

Hey PI-Magic fans! It's new release day! We've got the brand new Double Masters Booster Box in store! Each booster pack has not one, but TWO rare or mythic rare cards! Also 2 foils guaranteed! The Pre-Ikoria sale is still on! All items released before Ikoria are 30% off! Members get additional discounts on top of the 30%! Items eligible are: Unsanctioned Theros Beyond Death Throne of Eldraine Core Set 2020 War of the Spark Ravnica Allegiance Modern Horizons loose boosters The Modern Horizons booster box is now going at $280, members get a special price of $266! Come on down, grab some Magic and sling those spells!

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