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Launch Weekend: Plantopia and Wok and Roll! – 12/12 and 13/12

Hey PI-fans, UPDATE 9/12/20: Event deferred to next week due to unforeseen supply issues.    Fellow board gamers, you don't want to miss this! In collaboration with Origame, we'll be hosting several demo sessions of their new games: Plantopia and Wok and Roll!  Happening Saturday 12/12 and Sunday 13/12, from 1:30pm onwards!  Plantopia demos will be run on Saturday while Wok and Roll demos will be on Sunday. Designer Daryl Chow will be facilitating the Sunday session so you don't want to miss out!  Can't make it down? Bookings all full? We'll be doing a FaceBook livestream of the 3:30pm sessions for both Saturday and Sunday!   How to Book Your Slot to Play Head to our booking page to pick how many people will be attending a session. Up to 5 pax per booking Pick a day and time slot: each time slot is in 45 Minute intervals starting from [...]

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Games @ PI Featured in a Video by Luxury Destination Alliance!

Hey PI-Fans,   Games @ PI is proud to have been featured in a video by Luxury Destination Alliance!   Since tourists are not currently able to visit Singapore due to COVID-19 restrictions on international travel, Luxury Destination Alliance has been working to promote interesting travel content to global audiences on their channel!   A big thank you to Mr Siak Kah Mun and Geri Zhang! We hope you had fun at Games @ PI and hope to see you again soon! Check out the video on YouTube!

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Support Local: An Interview with the Creators of Bye Bye Virus!

Hey PI-fans, How's your day going? Yup, the Pandemic is still around but we can all still have a laugh about it! We had the good fortune to interview the 2 creators of Bye Bye Virus: Denise Lim and Yasmine Khater!    Q: What was the main spark that inspired you both to make a card game about keeping yourself safe from the virus? We wanted to do something useful with ourselves when we were stuck during the Circuit Breaker! During that period, we were both frustrated with the misinformation that was going around about how to stay safe against viruses, with people dressing up in dinosaur suits (as a joke) to hoarding toilet paper. We wanted to develop a fun way to teach kids and adults about good hygiene and socially responsible behavior, and used Bye Bye Virus as an outlet for that. We also built in a lot [...]

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Support Local: An Interview with Board Game Designer, Daryl Chow!

Hey PI-fans, It's almost the weekend once again! We had the pleasure to have an E-mail interview with rock star Singaporean game designer, Daryl Chow! Daryl has created many local games like Chope! Kopi King, Mooncake Master and is working on releasing Plantopia soon! Read on to find out what makes him tick and what he loves most about designing games!    Q: When did you first start playing Board Games and what sparked that interest in making your own games? Looking back, I've been playing board games my whole life. I played Chinese Chess in school competitively, then I joined the Bridge club where I was very involved as well. Settlers of Catan and the ability to upgrade to Cities and Knights as well as Agricola were the first few games that really got me into the hobby almost 20 years ago now. After joining the gaming scene in [...]

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New Release Spotlight: Metro X

Hey PI-fans, Welcome to Tuesday! If you love subways, MRTs and all things trains, you're going to love this one - Metro X!       In Metro X, you and your friends are all travelling on various metro lines. However, you only have a limited number of moves and must choose which stations to go to. The player who is able to visit the most stops wins! The cool thing is everyone can play the game at the same time! If you finish a route first, you get more points! But watch out, fail to complete your route and you will subtract points!  Turn progression is simple:  Someone flips open a card from the top of the deck. Each number card tells you how many stops you can travel. You mark of the number of stops with an X in your board. There are other cards too like 'Skip' which [...]

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New Release Spotlight: Tiny Epic Galaxies Blast Off!

Hey PI-fans, It's the first week of November already! Check out this awesome New Release that dropped in: Tiny Epic Galaxies Blast Off!   Tiny Epic Galaxies Blast Off!     In Tiny Epic Galaxies Blast Off! You and your friends are Supreme Commanders of your own galaxy. Things are getting too cozy so It's time to go forth and take over more galaxies! The aim of the game is to colonize as many galaxies as you can and earn the most Star Points! On your turn, collect the relevant number of space ships and resources, roll the galaxy dice and activate them to perform actions. You could move a starship, get resources/ culture, advance in technology for a colony or utilize a galaxy. But watch out! Other players can 'follow' your action if you place your dice in yellow action slots!  A delightful Euro style game that's streamlined from [...]

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Hey PI-Fans, It's the release date for One Night Ultimate Super Heroes, the latest game in the One Night Ultimate family! One Night Ultimate Super Heroes is a 3-10 player standalone version of the One Night Ultimate Super Villain game with a heroic twist! It even comes with a free complementary app so nobody needs to sit out each round being the narrator. Come join the members of the Super Club Of Overt Powers (SCOOP), including Ricochet Rhino, Self-Awareness Girl, Detector, Role Retreiver, and Switcheroo race to stop the evil trio of Rapscallion, Dr. Peeker, and Henchman#7! In this wacky game of hidden identities, each player has a secret identity: likely a Hero or a Villain. Making matters worse, there's a Mad Scientist who is determined to get arrested which only adds to the confusion. After a Night Phase where players get to take secret actions, which might reveal the [...]

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New Releases Spotlight: Wingspan and Mariposas

Hey PI-Fans, Once again, it's Friyay! And we're glad to announce that we once again have the highly coveted Wingspan back in stock! As a companion piece, do check out Mariposas which was also designed by Elisabeth Hargrave, the designer of Wingspan. Wingspan In Wingspan, you and your friends are bird enthusiasts with the goal to attract the best species of birds to your wildlife preserves! The aim of the game is to place birds in specific habitats to score points. The player with the most points after 4 rounds wins! Each bird has special qualities, eats certain foods and lays a certain number of eggs. On your turn you can choose to do one of the following actions: play a bird card, play food tokens to feed your birds, gain egg tokens to allow you to play more birds, and draw new bird cards. As you grow your [...]

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Swords & Stationery Charity FB Live Auction! – October 31, 2020

Hey PI-Fans, How's your Monday going? Our friends at Swords & Stationery are holding a Charity Auction for Dyslexia Awareness Month! This will take place online on FB Live on Oct 31, 2020 at 8pm SG time!  All proceeds will go to the Singapore Book Council to help kids with Dyslexia overcome their challenges of reading! There's all sorts of Board Games, Card Games and Games Workshop items to bid for! Check this link to see the items! Track the event on FaceBook Live here!  Remember the date! Bid on cool items and do your bit for charity!

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Horrible Game Experiences: Board Games

Hey PI-Fans, It's October! The month of exams, Halloween scares and then some. We've all been there before: table top games are meant to be fun and engaging for your friends and family. But sometimes, your game session becomes unfun for you, others and sometimes, gets downright traumatic. Here are some examples of When Game Experiences Go Wrong: Board Games Edition!   Everyone Gangs Up On You Perhaps everyone knows you're the best player around because you're good at strategy. Everyone just decides to take you down by concentrating all their attacks on you by lobbing penalty after penalty on you just to see you suffer. Or for absolutely no reason at all, everyone accuses you of being the 'Werewolf' even though you did absolutely nothing wrong and no one has any proof. Perhaps everyone was just having a really bad day and wanted to target their aggression on you. [...]

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