Games @ PI Festive Bundles – Roll Off

Hey PI-Fans, It's the Games @ PI Team back to talk about our Festive Bundles again. If you want to take advantage of our Festive Bundles and our Rebate Promotion, strike while the iron is hot. We almost ended up calling this one "From Farm To Plate" for some unfathomable reason (we're not quite sure why ourselves). Either way, if you like the clatter of dice on the table, it's time to give this amazing trio of games a shot. Grab this special bundle at the Games @ PI store at the amazing price of $100, down from the regular retail of $157.90. First up is a game that really needs no introduction (but we're going to do it anyway). In Catan, players try to be the dominant force on the island of Catan by building settlements, cities, and roads. On each turn dice are rolled to determine what resources [...]

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Games @ PI Festive Bundles – The Classics

Hey PI-Fans, Hope the week's been treating you well. Between the previously announced Festive Bundles and our Rebate Promotion, it's a great time to get in some gaming. We'll be here over the course of this week talk about these bundles, which we feel are an excellent start to a holiday gift-giving spree (or a self-gift, we don't judge). First up is THE CLASSICS! Normally retailing at S$156.70, this amazing $100 package is an amazing way to start any board game collection with four different games showcasing multiple different playstyles! Leading the way is Ticket to Ride: New York, a speedy 2 to 4 player reimplementation of the classic gameplay of Ticket to Ride that sees players racing to connect taxi routes across New York City to score points. In this fast-paced Ticket to Ride game, players race one another through the busy streets of New York City to visit [...]

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Games @ PI Festive Bundles

Hey PI-Fans, Last week, we rolled out a couple of special in-store deals to our long-time fans with a special set of bonuses to the Games @ PI Members. If you haven't already checked them out, your probably should - after all who doesn't like a cashback promo? That said, we also promised last week that there was more to come... So here's a slew of super value Holiday Bundles for you. Whether you're loading up on X'Mas gifts for friends and family, or you just want something special for yourself (self-care is still a gift!), here come six value packed themed bundles to keep you gaming over the year end period! While the cashback promo unfortunately doesn't stack here, these bundles are still loaded with fantastic value! Here's to a good year end folks! - Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager

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Games @ PI Festive Offers

Hey PI-Fans, The festive season is right around the corner, and the Games @ PI team would like to roll out a little something for all your PI-Fans out there as thanks for shopping with us. Starting on the 5th of November and continuing for the rest of the Holiday Season, we'll be offering a $5 Rebate for every $80 spent at the Games @ PI Store.* As special thanks to our Game @ PI Members, we're offering a pair of extra special bonuses. Games @ PI is offering our members the option of a special $20 Rebate for every $200 spent at the Games @ PI Store instead of the usual promo. While this offer is not applicable to Games Workshop products, we're offering our members a separate 20% off Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar products!** Come on down and take advantage of this promo to share the [...]

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Pay Your BattleTech Phone Bill On Time

Hey PI-Fans, Hope the week's kicking off too  a good start for you. As always, things keep chugging along at Games @ PI as we push a pair of previously kickstarted titles onto our shelves. The first is Crack the Code, a one-to-four player limited communication, co-operative puzzle game where players seek to crack a series of codes before they run out of moves. Players use a series of action cards to rearrange trays of marbles in front of them in order to match certain code arrangements. The nasty twist with Crack the Code is that players cannot see the marbles in the tray in front of them and as a result are reliant on the assistance of others. Next up is Gorinto, an abstract tile collection game for one-to-four players that sees player selecting tiles from the perimeter of the board and using their associated action to collect tiles [...]

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Another Week Of Games

Hey PI-Fans, If you're following along, we're tossing another batch of titles onto the shelf today. If you're looking for a fast, light party game for 1 to 6 players, we've got the bombastically named Super Mega Lucky Box for you, a fast moving bingo-esque card game, where you and your friends rush to fill in number grids to maximize scoring, all the while racking up bonus squares and power ups along the way. For something more in-depth, there's Winter Queen, an abstract resource collection board game that sees court sorcerers casting spells using enchanted crystals in a bid to become the Queen's new advisor. During each turn players draft crystals and place them on the Queendom board while collecting spell books. These crystals are drafted from the board to fuel a sorcerer's magic to earn the queen's favor.   If either of these titles catches your eye, [...]

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Play The Week Away

Hey PI-Fans, Just making a quick post to let you know that two new board games have hit the shelf. The first is Passtally, an abstract tile laying game from Japanese designer Masaki Suga. In Passtally, players lay abstract tiles with connecting routes on a board, working to connect various markers along the board edge to score points. Passtally kicks this gameplay up a notch by allowing tiles to overlay each other, closing off some routes and changing others. Fast, simple and easy to learn but with plenty of potential for strategy, Passtally is an excellent game for small groups of 2 or 3 players and wraps up neatly in 30 to 45 mins. Along with Passtally comes Mini Divercity, a collaborative one to seven player card game which sees a team of conservationists rushing to collect data for a national park before the area can be swamped with commercial [...]

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The End of the Beginning

Hey PI-Fans, We do board games here, and one of the newest releases is Quest, a new social deduction game from the designers of The Resistance and The Resistance: Avalon. Designed for 4 to 10 players, Quest has been rebalanced for smaller groups and as Arthur's loyal servants and Mordred's unscrupulous minions struggle for the future of civilization. Though the forces of Evil are few in number, but if they go unchecked, they can sabotage Arthur's great work and bring it crashing down. Of course, we're also wargamers with a taste for giant robots and we're proud to point to the ilClan sourcebook for BattleTech on our shelves. The ilClan is the Clan term for the "Clan of all Clans", determined by which Clan manages to capture the cradle of humanity: Terra. In the year 3151, Terra winds up under siege as the Children of Kerensky finally break through the [...]

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New Stuff For The Shelf

Hey PI-Fans, We're still running around crazily restocking the shelves, but for those of you who sleeve your games (and we highly recommend it, really...), we've gotten restocks of both the Sultan range of card sleeves as well as the Gamegenic Prime sleeves in Standard, Standard European, Standard American, Mini European and Mini American sizes. On the board game front, we've had a massive stack of restocks as well. The classic bird watching game Wingspan and it's European and Oceania expansions are back on the shelf, chugging in with reloads of modern classics like Catan, it's 5-6 player expansion and Forbidden Island and Forbidden Desert. That said, if you're here for the new stuff, there's the Oh Brother! expansion for Stuffed Fables, which sees new plushies (and an action figure) continuing to protect children from nightmares and a new Unlock! set. On the party game front, we've also got Exploding [...]

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Weekly New Releases

Hey PI-Fans, Gotta apologise for the lateness. Been a rough week and we've been processing a steady stream of inbound freight. Apologies for this being shorter than usual folks but I've said many-a-time that the 'law of shipment attraction' always applies. The law posits that that no matter how well you space a shipment, they will all ultimately arrive back-to-back. Regardless, as swamped as the team has been, there are new titles on our shelves, because that's what we do. Secrets of the Order is an all new expansion of the Arkham Horror board game, that sends the investigators into French Hill, one of Arkham's oldest districts. Given the way things work in this misbegotten town, age inevitably brings with it secrets that should remain forgotten and when they come rising to the surface, it's up to the players to keep the pot from boiling over. Also in-stock are the [...]

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