Quirky Circuits: Penny & Gizmo’s Snow Day! Now Available

Hey PI-Fans, Another week, another release. This time, its Quirky Circuits: Penny & Gizmo's Snow Day!, a wacky programming themed cooperative board game where players must work together to send a little robot friend careening across the board like a cat on a roomba. Well... there actually IS A CAT ON A ROOMBA... In Quirky Circuits, players must successfully program a set of sequential actions for their little robot buddies using their command cards without communication. Chase down dust bunnies with the vacuum cleaning Gizmo and collect flags on a slalom course with the skiing Penny the Penguin! Players have only limited information as to which cards their teammates have played, raising the stakes with each action played. Program wrongly and your robo-friend could be left spinning its wheels in a corner as they run out of batteries. This adorable little logic puzzler is playable at 2-4 players, with [...]

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Trails – A New Parks Game

Hey PI-Fans, Are you looking for elegant little game small enough to stuff in a pocket? Consider Henry Audubon's TRAILS, a tiny reimplementation of his nature focused Parks and rocket-retro Space Park. As a purely standalone title, TRAILS is illustrated with beautiful minimalistic art that takes players on a hike across the landscapes of various National Parks in the United States. In TRAILS, players hike back and forth along the trail, collecting rocks, acorns and leaves; taking pictures; and encountering wildlife to gain bonuses. At trailhead and trail end, you can turn in resources to earn badges, after which you start back in the other direction. As players meander up and down the paths, the sun slowly sets, transforming locations from day to night and making their options even more powerful, but the setting sun also serves as a timer to mark the end of the game meaning the clock [...]

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A Fortnight of Games @ PI – Also NS55 Vouchers Spendable Here

Hey PI-Fans, We're into the second half of 2022, so how is your July rolling? The Games @ PI Team is chugging along, as we continue our ongoing efforts to keep you, supplied with cool stuff! Games @ PI accepts NS55 Credits via Paynow and Nets transactions. For those amongst you with NS55 Credits burning a hole in your pocket, we're happy to help you convert that into cool stuff like games, hobby supplies and miniatures without the need for you to go running to a certain supermarket chain. All you need to do is download the Life SG App and use it during payment - being a regular payment, you can even use it to take advantage of some of our ongoing promos. This includes loading up on paint in our ongoing Paintstravaganza! promotion  or knocking a chunk off the Warhammer Horus Heresy Catchup Deployment bundle. Alternatively, you can [...]

Catchup Deployment – Warhammer Horus Heresy Flash Sale Promotion

Hey PI-Fans, 'I was there, the day Horus slew the Emperor. ' As the end of the 31st Millennium draws to a close, Brother marches against Brother as the Imperium of Man tears itself apart is an all consuming Civil War. Rumbling onto the field in all new plastic sculpts, there has never been a better time to leap into the Grim Darkness of the Far Future with the Age of Darkness box set. If you know how Games @ PI operates, the manager is bored and this leads to weird thing. We've got a flash sale up. Well technically two - one for the Loyalist players amongst you and one for the Traitors. WARHAMMER HORUS HERESY $500 LEGION BUNDLE Contains: Each bundle contains everything you need to start a Horus Heresy Army, including: – Praetor with Power Axe – Praetor with Power Sword – 10 Cataphractii Terminators – 40 [...]

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“Hey! You must be the new farmer in town! Nice to meet you!”

Hey PI-Fans, We've gotten our hands on a small stash of Eric Barone's STARDEW VALLEY - THE BOARD GAME, the official board game adaptation of the PC farm-life sim published by CONCERNEDAPE. Work together with your fellow farmers in this game of farming and friendship as 1 to 4 players work together to save the Valley from the nefarious Joja Corporation! To do this, you'll need to farm, fish*, friend and find all kinds of different resources to fulfill Grandpa's Goals and restore the Community Center. Collect all kinds of items, raise animals, and explore the Mine. Gain powerful upgrades and skills, and as the seasons pass, do your best to protect the magic of Stardew Valley! Stocks are limited, so we do recommend you act fast! I'll see you in the Valley, Folks. Just... don't let Pam drive. - Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31Sz4vMWYes * I can [...]

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Bakuretsu Bakuretsu Bakuretsu La La La…

Hey PI-Fans, We're back today with another eclectic mix of titles, this time; Onitama: Light and Shadow, a double-blind expansion for the elegant two-player game Onitama, a whole new edition of Galaxy Trucker... and the english edition of KonoSuba: God's Blessing On This Wonderful World TRPG. No, we're not joking about the last one. Yes, it's one of the odder items we've looked into. No, it's not a joke item - they legit wrote a full working Pen-and-Paper Tabletop RPG for Konosuba. Yes, Aqua is still useless goddess. - Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager In the fast and goofy family game Galaxy Trucker, players begin by simultaneously rummaging through the common warehouse, frantically trying to grab the most useful component tiles to build their spaceship — all in real-time. Once the ships are launched, players encounter dangerous situations while vying for financial opportunities, each hoping to gain the most valuable [...]

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Desert Places

Hey PI-Fans, There's quite a few fans of Frank Herbert's Dune among the staff. As a seminal piece of science fiction writing, Dune's had a great impact on much of modern science-fiction including Warhammer's Grim Darkness of the Far Future. Adapted in a variety of formats including movies and games, it's only fitting that the latest Dune interpretation in cinemas has come full circle with a spread of titles available on both our shelves and available for order via our webstore.   Gale Force 9's DUNE: A Game of Conquest & Diplomacy, is one such title, reimplementing the classic DUNE the board game and streamlining it's mechanics. Designed for 2 to 4 players, DUNE sees the players thrust into control of House Atreides, House Harkonnen, the Imperium and the Fremen as they struggle for control of Arakkis, the desert planet. Designed asymmetrically, players battle for control of the melange, seeking [...]

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A Wordy Weekend

Hey PI-Fans, It's time for a wordy weekend. You've already seen Codenames: Singapore Edition,  an all new edition of the classic word game which debuted earlier. Containing an entirely new deck of words and fully compatible with the classic Codenames, Codenames: Singapore is playable on it's own, but also doubles up as an amazing expansion for the Top Secret Word Game, ready to inject a touch of local flavor to any game session. It even makes an excellent gift and a perfect souvenir for a trip to our sunny island. To keep the word theme going though, there's A Little Wordy, a clever little two player deduction game of trying to guess the opponent's secret word from the designers of Exploding Kittens. The game requires players to assemble a word from a set of tiles and keep that Secret Word to themselves. Both players then take turns trying to decipher [...]

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Happy New Year – 2022

Hey PI-Fans, As we shift gears into 2022, on behalf of the Games @ PI Team, Happy New Year, folks! Here's to a good one. Some things like out taste for games don't change though - as we enter 2022 running, here's a smattering of new stuff gracing out shelves, hopefully with a little something for everyone's tastes. Travel in your hot air balloon and make use of the local winds skillfully to save the precious energy you need to speed up or slow down while exploring the rugged terrain below you. The wind can be both help and hindrance, sometimes taking you where you want to go, other times becoming something you must battle to make headway against to reach your destination. In Islands in the Mist, players explore the terrain surrounding their balloon, placing tiles on neighboring hexes as they travel. On discovered terrain, cities can be built [...]

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Just In Time For X’Mas

Hey PI-Fans, It's Christmas eve and we're still chugging away at things, so this announcement is going to be something of a quickie. For those of you that celebrate the season, Merry Christmas from the Games @ PI Team. It's an adventuring themed week at Games @ PI just before Christmas with Delve, World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King and Dune: House Secrets popping up on our shelves. The holiday promotions are still in full swing though some of the bundles look on the cusp of running out. If you were looking to take advantage of some of the special retail festive bundles or the festive rebates and discounts, act now to avoid disappointment.  - Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager Brave Delvers from across the realm have journeyed to seek their fortune within the dungeons of Skull Cavern. Gold, treasures, and perilous encounters await behind every door! Grab [...]

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