Magic the Gathering: Outlaws of Thunder Junction Prerelease

Howdy PI-Fans, The new MTG set Outlaws of Thunder Junction prerelease begins today, Friday, 12/4/24 with Play Boosters, Collector Boosters, Bundles and Commander Decks all going up for grabs. We'll also be hosting the usual Outlaws of Thunder Junction Prerelease event on Sunday, 14/4/24 at 2pm. Looking forward to seeing you there! MTG: Outlaws of Thunder Junction Prerelease Event $40 for a Prerelease Kit Sunday, 14/4/24, 1400 HRS

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X-Men: Mutant Insurrection

Hey PI-Fans, To me, my X-Men! Time to slip on those rose-tinted Ruby Quartz glasses and take a trip down memory lane in this cooperative dice game of comic book battles! With the return of the Marvel's Mutants to the small screen in X-Men 97, consider picking up a copy of the X-Men: Mutant Insurrection cooperative board game. If you're up for a superhero tussle with a bunch of friends, maybe it's time to strap yourselves into the Blackbird and take the fight to the rogues gallery of villains that threaten Mutantkind.

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Here There Be Dragons… And Mushrooms… – 05/04/24

Hey PI-Fans, Been a while hasn't it? We haven't forgotten, dear folks, that we are in fact purveyors of entertainment. The Team has been hard at work behind the scenes working on hauling a huge heap of entertainment ashore. Whether this be restocks of modern classic titles like Wingspan (and all it's expansions inclusive of the elusive Asian Expansion), word puzzles like Decrypto, the asymmetric war game Root (and expansions), or just a hefty chunk of STEM kids games with the Dr Eureka, Dr Microbe and Dr Beaker, titles have just trundled back onto our shelves and we're happy to share them with you. Of course, if you're after something new to tickle your fancy, we're fairly certain we can deliver. Anyone after an elegant new strategy game cam look no further than Wyrmspan, a sequel to the smash hit Wingspan, where players seek to attract and roost a colony [...]

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Royalty Dominos – 19/3/24

Hey PI-Fans, March trundles ever onwards, with a stack of Blue Orange titles plonking onto the shelf. If you're a fan of the modern classing Kingdomino, it's back on the shelf along with the sequel Queendomino and the Age of Giants expansion that increases the maximum number of players in-game to five. Also new on the shelf is Moon River, Bruno Cathala's newest swing at the Kingdomino formula, which sees players taking on the role of cattle ranchers with customizable jigsaw-style build-your-own-domino pieces. If you wanted something less cerebral, Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza might be up your alley. In this reaction based game, players rush to slap their hands on a stack of cards if the card on the stack matches the chant.  Together with the standalone variants of Taco Back Goat Cheese Pizza and Taco Hat Cake Gift Pizza, if you're in the market for a neat little [...]

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Cities of Yesteryear and Speed Reaction – 02/3/24

Hey PI-Fans, Things keep chugging along as always. I'm not sure when the steady stream of new board games became a thing, but here we are. 7 Wonders: Architects - Medals provides a mechanical expansion to the sleek streamlined gameplay of 7 Wonders: Architects with new medal and science mechanic increasing the amount of things players have to fight over. A new edition of the classic Cartagena arrives in the form of Cartagena: Escape Diaries, which builds upon the original (and can be played as the original as well) with extra options and game modes. For the little ones, a restock of the classic Dobble, along with the Camping, Disney Princesses and Animals sets mean plenty of raucous laughter for anyone looking for a speed reaction game.   “You have been sent to the prison of Cartagena. Your task: successfully guide your crew of pirates to escape this perilous fortress. Will [...]

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Rolling Stock and Works of Art – 23/2/24

Hey PI-Fans, This week brings a heaping helping of random bits and bobs into the fray, from the art competition themed Canvas, to the Poland expansion for Ticket to Ride! We've also managed to secure a tiny stockpile of Betrayal at House on the Hill (3rd Edition), so if you're in the mood for a horror movie heist, act fast to avoid disappointment (and maybe being devoured by the house). Beyond that, it's the usual stack of classic restocks with Citadels, Wingspan and Exploding Kittens being the standout titles. A stack of Tiny Epic title restocks has also come trucking in as well so if you need a teeny tiny board game experience to while away your time, you're settled here. From the Baltic Sea to the Tatra Mountains, Poland offers wide open vistas just waiting to be discovered. Take in the fresh sea breeze on the Gulf of Gdansk, or maybe [...]

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Expansions for all kinds of investigations… – 16/2/24

Hey PI-Fans, Take the opportunity to poke around a bit in the board game releases this week! You'll never know what sort of clues you'll turn up in this slightly investigative focused week. Take a break from the mist choked streets of Arkham County as it is time for The Feast of Hemlock Vale campaign for the Arkham Horror Living Card Game. Take a trip to this scenic isle, partake of the festivities, mingle with the locals... and try to avoid getting eaten - that would be bad. If the getting devoured by the wildlife part sounds problematic, consider a side trip to Echo Ridge City to take on the mob in Tiny Epic Crimes and it's expansion Kingpins. As officers of the law, players need to solve the murder of the Mayor's son and deal with the resultant crime wave before an all out gang war kicks off.    [...]

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Berlin Escalated Quickly? – 03/02/24

Hey PI-Fans, With CNY slowly creeping up upon everyone, we've managed to sneak in another pile of stuff into the store, including of a couple of new fast playing board games this week. While Ticket to Ride: Berlin and That Escalated Quickly represent brand new titles finding their way to the shelf, beloved titles like Wingspan, 7 Wonders and Azul have been reloaded. If you need a stockpile of CNY supplies, don't forget to grab a stash of Bicycle plastic or plastic clay-filled Poker Chips - we won't tell you how to use your gaming supplies, but we have some ideas. Ticket to Ride: Berlin provides another standalone small box twist on the classic Ticket to Ride formula with players managing both the Berlin Straßenbahn (Streetcar) network and the U-bahn (Subway) in order to connect multiple destinations within the city.  In this fast-paced Ticket to Ride game, players race one another to [...]

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Restock Waves – 26/1/24

Hey PI-Fans, One of the things I simultaneously love and hate about this industry is the restock cycle. Occasionally, part of it is just surrendering to the vicissitudes of fate and just letting the vagaries of fate dictate what meanders onto shelves for the week. With shipping being what it is, it's probably better to just sit back, let things fall where they may and hope for the best. That said, it isn't all bad to play with the cards on hand. After all Space Cowboy's Spellbook has magically materialized on the shelves, and the asdfmovie card game Muffin Time has appeared in it's wake. On top of that, we've managed to secure stocks of the asymmetrical conflict game Root and the social deduction themed Deception: Murder in Hong Kong. There's also plenty of other stuff in the pipeline on top of this including restocks of our mainstays like Dixit, [...]

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The Post-Holiday Stockup – 16/1/24

Hey PI-Fans, The Post-New Year period is one where stores assess the post-Christmas rush and get to work filling up the shelves. Games @ PI is no exception, and the team has been hard at work ensuring we've a store full of fancy. This isn't to say we've been neglecting the weird and wonderful of the board game world of course - after all, we just magicked up a stack of Decrypto and Wavelength for the social gamers while resource management fans can grab a copy of Wingspan, Brass Lancashire or Brass Birmingham off the shelf. Of course, if you're after something new to broaden your palette, we recommend The Vale of Eternity, an EXCELLENT little creature collector card game by Korean publisher Mandoo games.   Board and Card Game New Releases: Decrypto 5th Anniversary Edition The Vale of Eternity Important Restocks: Brass Birmingham Brass Lancashire Wavelength Wingspan [...]

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