Staff Spotlight: Vernon!

Hey PI-Fans, How are you all doing today? For the month of October, we're shining the spotlight on our awesome staff that keep the wheels of PI turning! You know him as the friendly Warhammer and Pokemon guy, it's our man Vernon! I sat down and had a chat with Vernon to find out all about his Life@PI (and his secret back story) Q: How Did You Get Started With The Tabletop Hobby Mainly the big one is that I've always been playing games for a while. So definitely Video Games and all that were the first few to get started with. Discovering Warhammer I think my first major exposure to Warhammer was when I was 8 years old, in 1998. So that was when I believe when Third Edition was the thing? It was 2 things that happened, I can't remember what came first. One was I had hand-me-down [...]

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Horrible Game Experiences: Board Games

Hey PI-Fans, It's October! The month of exams, Halloween scares and then some. We've all been there before: table top games are meant to be fun and engaging for your friends and family. But sometimes, your game session becomes unfun for you, others and sometimes, gets downright traumatic. Here are some examples of When Game Experiences Go Wrong: Board Games Edition!   Everyone Gangs Up On You Perhaps everyone knows you're the best player around because you're good at strategy. Everyone just decides to take you down by concentrating all their attacks on you by lobbing penalty after penalty on you just to see you suffer. Or for absolutely no reason at all, everyone accuses you of being the 'Werewolf' even though you did absolutely nothing wrong and no one has any proof. Perhaps everyone was just having a really bad day and wanted to target their aggression on you. [...]

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Game of Thrones: Oathbreaker Review

Hey PI-Fans, It's Friday again! Wesley Tay's got a new game review which is perfect for fans of Social Deduction games! So everyone is playing Among Us, that trending online game where you eject imposters (or friends) into space if you suspect them of killing your friends.    Why not play a higher level Social Deduction game where you can do that AND earn power and resources? In a nutshell: Game of Thrones: Oathbreaker is everything you love in a Social Deduction game with added resource management. So not only do you have fun scheming with fellow conspirators or fighting for the King/Queen, you do have to worry about resources at the end of the day. You also don't get 'ejected' from the game if you're a conspirator so play can continue right till the end! Get this game at our webstore!   Game of Thrones: Oathbreaker What it's About [...]

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RWBY: Combat Ready Review

Hey PI-Fans, It's almost the weekend! Wesley Tay, our guest reviewer, is back with a new game review!  RWBY fans, you've watched the Season 8 trailer that dropped yesterday, get hyped and play the board game!  In a nutshell: RWBY: Combat Ready is an absolute treat for the RWBY superfan and fans of co-operative fighting games! Feel like an Anime beat-em-up character as you rip through bad guys with supercharged attacks and bankai mode! Pick this game up from our webstore!   RWBY: Combat Ready Review What it's About In the world of Remnant, the Four Kingdoms are plagued by evil creatures known as the “Grimm”, only surviving through persistence and the natural barriers that protect each kingdom. RWBY, a team of Huntresses from Beacon Academy, are brought together to fight off hordes of Grimm and battle villains attempting to destroy the world. RWBY Combat Ready is a 2-5 player [...]

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Game of Thrones: The Iron Throne Review

Hey PI-Fans, How's your week going so far? We've got a new game review for you folks written by our guest reviewer: Wesley Tay!  In a nutshell: Game of Thrones: Iron Throne is great for gamers who love politicking, backstabbing and scheming. You don't have to be a Thrones fan to enjoy the game, because it's really all about dishing on others and protecting your own interests and people. No hard feelings, just business! And you all can have a good laugh afterwards.    Pick up the game at our webstore!    Game of Thrones: The Iron Throne Review What it's About The only thing worse than people who share spoilers are pedantic people, who ask questions like “Why did Tyrion do this? It makes no sense!” Or “How did Baelish get away with the that?” Just wait for the reveals then complain about it! As a fan of role [...]

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11 Licensed Games for the Entertainment Superfan

Comics, fantasy/ sci-fi fiction, Anime, TV shows, movies and video games; we love them all! Ever wished you could be the characters in your favourite series? Or feel what it's like to be in the universe of your favourite TV show? With these awesome licensed games, you most certainly can!    The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game   Based on the urban fantasy fiction series by Jim Butcher, you and your friends play Harry Dresden and team working together to solve cases, just like in the books! Choose from your favourite characters like Harry, Murphy, Susan, Michael, and the Alphas. You could even take 'side jobs' which are cases based on the Dresden Files short story collection.  Players share a pool of action points called Fate points. On your turn you decide to either spend Fate Points by playing cards or choose to generate more Fate Points for others. Cards [...]

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Let’s Learn How to Play Warhammer 40k – Part 3 End

Hey PI-Warhammer Recruit! Have you been paying attention to our previous lessons? In yesterday's article, we learned how to Charge and Fight, today, we will learn about the Command Phase and play a game with all we've learnt! A quick break down of the core game play articles: Part 1 - Moving and Shooting Part 2 - Charging and Fighting Part 3 - Command Phase and Applying All We've Learnt In today's set up, we're going to use all the models in our Recruit Edition box. On the Necrons side: 1 Royal Warden (1 model) 1 unit of Necron Warriors (10 models) 1 unit of Canoptek Scarab Swarms (3 models) On the Space Marines side: 1 Primaris Lieutenant (1 model) 1 unit of Assault Intercessors (4 Intercessors, 1 Sergeant) Before we begin, let's talk about the Command Phase The Command Phase Both these armies have units from the same [...]

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Let’s Learn How to Play Warhammer 40k! – Part 2

Hey PI-Warhammer Recruit! Good Saturday morning to you! In the previous article, we learned how to Move and Shoot, today we're going to learn how to Charge and Fight!  A quick break down of the core game play articles: Part 1 - Moving and Shooting Part 2 - Charging and Fighting Part 3 - Command Phase and Applying All We've Learnt    In this scenario, we're going to use 1 Primaris Lieutenant and 3 Scarab Swarm models Today, we'll be playing the Necrons side and our opponent will be the Space Marines side. Step 1 & 2 : Moving and Shooting Following the steps from the last article, we'll move the Scarab Swarms towards the Primaris Lieutenant to get closer for the charge. But since the Scarab Swarms are a unit of 3 models, they would need to move as a coherent group. To do so, each model must be [...]

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Let’s Learn How to Play Warhammer 40k! – Part 1

Hey PI-Fans!  We know that look. You're one of those folks who love ogling at the store display miniatures but seem intimidated by how Warhammer 40k plays. Never fear! We're here to break down the core game play into bite size articles so that anyone can get started and playing the game!  In the next few days, we'll be going through the basics of Warhammer 40k: Part 1 - Moving and Shooting Part 2 - Charging and Fighting Part 3 - Command Phase and Applying All We've Learnt    Things You'll Need Warhammer 40k models Measurers - tape measure or range rulers Some 6 sided dice A place to play at A friend to play with Today, we're going to learn how to Move and Shoot with some models in a simple scenario We have 5 Necron Warriors and 3 Assault Intercessor Space Marines  Let's place them like so on [...]

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10 Delicious Food Theme Games that will Make You Hungry

"People who love to eat are always the best people" -- Julia Child Who doesn't like to eat? Singaporeans in particular, LOVE food. We can have Roti Prata for breakfast, a burger meal and bubble tea for lunch, Korean Tteokbokki for a snack, Laksa for dinner and maybe some hot tau huay for supper. So when you mention food themed games, that makes our hearts flutter! Here are 10 food theme games that will definitely make you hungry!   Ramen Fury Players are Ramen chefs who aim to make the tastiest bowl of Ramen and be the first to finish 3 bowls. Players add ingredient cards like Cha Siu, Narutos, Scallions to their bowl of noodles and 'eat' (flip) them to score. But guess what? You can sabotage other chefs by throwing undesirable flavours into their bowls like Chili Peppers. A quick, frantic set matching game that will have you [...]

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