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Good Saturday morning to you! In the previous article, we learned how to Move and Shoot, today we’re going to learn how to Charge and Fight! 

A quick break down of the core game play articles:


In this scenario, we’re going to use 1 Primaris Lieutenant and 3 Scarab Swarm models

Today, we’ll be playing the Necrons side and our opponent will be the Space Marines side.

against the swarm set up

Step 1 & 2 : Moving and Shooting

Following the steps from the last article, we’ll move the Scarab Swarms towards the Primaris Lieutenant to get closer for the charge.

But since the Scarab Swarms are a unit of 3 models, they would need to move as a coherent group. To do so, each model must be within 2″ of another model within it’s unit.

scarab unit coherent scarab not unit coherent

Picture 1, the Scarab closest to us is within coherency. Picture 2, the Scarab closest to us is not (not 2″ within next model)


Step 3: Charging

Our Scarab Swarms must be within 12″ of the enemy Space Marine model in order to declare a charge. Note if we’ve made an advance move earlier, we can’t charge. 

Roll 2 dice and add the result, that is the max charge distance in inches the unit can charge. 

The nearest Scarab Swarm must end its move within 1″ of the enemy Space Marine Lieutenant, else the charge fails! So before you charge, try to get your models as close as you can to the enemy! 

scarab charge space marine

In this case, we rolled 7, the charge is a success! 

Now that our models are within range, it’s time to fight!


Step 4: Fighting

There are 3 parts to the Fight Phase:

  • Pile In
  • Make Close Combat Attacks
  • Consolidate

Pile In

To pile in, we move our Scarab Swarms into base contact with the Space Marine. They can move in and around the enemy of max distance 3″. Note they still have to be at least 2″ of each other for unit coherency. 

Make Close Combat Attacks

Previously as you learnt how to Shoot, you select your range weapon, roll to hit, roll to wound, the enemy does saving throws, damage is inflicted etc.

For close combat, you do the same just that for melee attacks, you use the ‘A’ characteristic (‘A’ for Attacks) for weapon skill, you use the ‘WS’ characteristic (stands for ‘Weapon Skill’) and weapon’s ‘S’ stat will either use our model’s own ‘S’ characteristic or modify it.

Let’s check our Scarab Swarm Data Sheet

scarab attack stat

1 Scarab Swarm model can make 4 attacks. So we have 3 models, thus 4 x 3 = 12 attacks, means we roll 12 dice! 

scarab weapon skill stat

Its ‘WS’ is 4+, so rolls of 4 or more will hit the Space Marine.

We rolled 12 dice for 3 attacking Scarab Swarms. 7 hits went through

scarabs attack marine

Let’s check what melee weapons they have:

scarab weapon strength

They have ‘Feeder mandibles’ which uses the ‘S’ of the model, in this case, its 3. 

Let’s roll our 7 dice to wound.

scarabs wound roll

We check our wound table to see if the result inflicts any wounds on the Space Marine:

wound roll table

Our Scarab Swarm strength 3 is lower than the Space Marine’s Toughness (its 4), so we would need 5+ to wound him.

We have 4 dice that rolled 5+, so that’s 4 wounds! 

The enemy Primaris Lieutenant Space Marine now rolls to Save against the wounds, his Sv is 3+. So he saved against 3 but took 1 wound. That’s 1 Damage. Note he has 5 wounds so he’s a tough fella! 

primaris lieutenant saves primaris lieutenant takes 1 wound


In most cases, after we’ve removed eliminated models, we will have ‘holes’ in the fighting units, a Consolidate is basically to move your attacking models up to 3″ into the nearest enemy model to close ranks.


The Primaris Lieutenant Attacks!

Now the enemy Primaris Lieutenant is not going to take this lying down. It’s his turn to fight! Let’s check his Data Sheet

primaris lieutenant attack stat

He can make 4 attacks, so that’s 4 dice the opponent will roll

primaris lieutenant weapon skill stat

His ‘WS’ (weapon skill) is 2+, so hit rolls of 2 or more will go through! 

primaris lieutenant strength stat

He uses a Master-crafted power sword which adds +1 to his Strength of 4, making it 5! 

So let’s see how well he does against our Scarab Swarms

primaris lieutenant attacks scarabs

The opponent rolls 4 dice for 4 attacks, all 4 went through!

The opponent thus rolls 4 wound rolls

primaris lieutenant wounds scarabs

Because the Primaris Lieutenant’s ‘S’ is more than the Scarab Swarms ‘T’ (5 vs 3), results of 3+ will wound!

That’s 3 wounds total! 

We normally have to roll saves for our Scarab Swarms to check if the wounds will inflict them. They Sv on 6+

However the Lieutenant’s Master-crafted Power Sword has an Armour Penetration (AP) Characteristic of -3.

primaris lieutenant armour penetration weapon

This makes it impossible for the Scarabs to save against because whatever result we roll will be below 6 eg. if we rolled 6, 6-3 = 3 which is a fail.

AP is always applied to the target’s save roll afterwards. 

primaris lieutenant eliminates scarabs

The attacks cleave straight through the Scarabs’ armour dealing 2 Damage for each successful wound.

So 3 wounds of 2 damage each is 6 damage total! 

This eliminates 1 Scarab model (it has 4 Wounds) and inflicts 2 damage to 1 other Scarab model. We now have 2 Scarabs left. 


And there you have it!

That’s how you Charge and Fight in Warhammer 40k! Tomorrow, we’ll learn about the Command Phase and Applying All We’ve Learnt! 

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