Hey PI-Warhammer Fans,

How do you like 9th Edition so far? Have you been playing any games at home?

If you missed out on the Indomitus Giveaway we ran in June, guess what? We have A SECOND BOX to Giveaway!

indomitus box set PI

The Games @ PI Indomitus Promotion

From August 17 to October 31, 2020:

Stand a chance to win an Indomitus box set worth $305


Get 1 Chance:

A) Tag 3 friends in the comments of our FaceBook / Instagram post

B) Upload a 40k Fan Art that you drew on your social account, tag us on FaceBook or Instagram

C) Book and attend a 40k Demo and learn 9th Edition with us!

You can do A, B AND C, but you can only do each one ONCE. 


Earn MORE chances:

  • +1 chance – Book and attend a 40k Demo with a friend and both learn the game together. Your friend earns +1 chance too!
  • +1 chance – Take 5 photos of a 40k game you played at home, tag us on FaceBook or Instagram

You can do these AS MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE! 

Rack up your chances and increase your odds of winning!


Draw will be on the First Week of November 2020

Terms and Conditions apply


We love 40k at Games@PI and we know how much you do too. Help us build a solid Warhammer 40k community in Singapore by introducing more folks to the hobby you love! So what are you waiting for? Jump in and do your part!


Tag 3 friends on the FaceBook/ Instagram Post!

I want to learn 9th Edition at the store!

I want to introduce my friend to Warhammer 40k!