Hey PI-Fans!

We have a big restock today and 2 New Releases: Dragonrealm and Bang! The Dice Game Undead or Alive Expansion!


 dragonrealm contents 1 dragonrealm contents 2

Dragonrealm is a adventure card game where players are adventurers! The goal is to gather as much gold as you can and become ruler of the Realm! Explore the land, sneak into cabins, search treehouses or storm the Isle of Dragons. Watch out for pesky Goblins who pop up to steal your loot!

For 2-4 players, goes for 30min, ages 10+


Bang! The Dice Game Undead or Alive Expansion

bang dice game undead or alive box   undead or alive box contents

You’ve played Bang! The Dice Game, now there’s an additional threat to deal with: The Undead! There’s 8 new characters, new duel dice, and zombie mode for eliminated players!

For 3-8 players, goes for 20min, ages 8+


So come on down and pick up some games today!


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