“People who love to eat are always the best people” — Julia Child

Who doesn’t like to eat? Singaporeans in particular, LOVE food. We can have Roti Prata for breakfast, a burger meal and bubble tea for lunch, Korean Tteokbokki for a snack, Laksa for dinner and maybe some hot tau huay for supper. So when you mention food themed games, that makes our hearts flutter!

Here are 10 food theme games that will definitely make you hungry!


Ramen Fury

ramen fury contents

Players are Ramen chefs who aim to make the tastiest bowl of Ramen and be the first to finish 3 bowls. Players add ingredient cards like Cha Siu, Narutos, Scallions to their bowl of noodles and ‘eat’ (flip) them to score. But guess what? You can sabotage other chefs by throwing undesirable flavours into their bowls like Chili Peppers. A quick, frantic set matching game that will have you and your friends laughing heartily, especially over bowls of tasty Ramen. Check out our review here

For 2-5 Players,  30 Minutes Playing Time, Age 8+

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Bubble Tea

bubble tea game box    bubble tea game instructions

In Bubble Tea, players are Bubble Tea Baristas who must assemble a drink as fast as they can according to the dice result as revealed in the shaker. Players must than assemble the drink correctly by lining up plastic cards on a grid. Whoever finds the right combination of cards and earns 3 customer cards wins! It’s frantic, it’s easy to pick up and full of sugary goodness with adorable cat dice and cute artwork, you’ll definitely want to play this while hanging with your friends over your favorite Bubble Tea!

For 1-5 Players,  20 Minutes Playing Time, Age 8+

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bubble tea game and bubble tea



slamwich contents

An ultra-fast reaction game for the kids! Each player gets a bread deck. On their turn, they flip a bread card from the top of their deck into the central pile. If they see certain combinations like 2 of a kind ingredients, 2 same ingredients separated with another ingredient, a thief card, players slam the central pile with their hand and call out the correct term. The fastest player wins and collects all the cards from the central pile and adds it to the bottom of their deck. Watch out for Muncher cards that enable players to take the whole central pile on their turn!

A zippy game to play over snacks and maybe have a grilled cheese sandwich while you’re at it!

For 2-6 Players,  20 Minutes Playing Time, Age 6+

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Pie Town

pie town box   pie town game contents

Ever wanted to run your own F&B business? I’m sure you’ve all had thoughts of running your own bakery, bistro, or ice cream stand. In Pie Town, players run their own bakeries and compete to make the best Apple Pie! Whoever’s pie claims the most fame wins the game. To earn fame, players have to bake, sell and earn from pie sales. The player’s workforce is determined by dice so the staff’s ‘effectiveness’ is determined by their numerical value. Players then have to figure where to best place staff to get the best results: whether its harvesting fruit from the orchard, making the pies at the factory to selling the pies at the store. Each player also gets a secret recipe box at the start of the game to put 3 secret ingredients, but watch out, other players could figure out your recipe and sell their own versions of your signature pies!

Pie Town is a strategic worker placement game with a scrumptious pie theme. As a serving suggestion, order some of your favourite dessert pies, get your friends together for a pie sampling session and game night!

For 2-4 Players,  60-90 Minutes Playing Time, Age 14+

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Abandon All Artichokes

abandon all artichokes box and contents

Well, you gotta have vegetables, just not artichokes in this case! Players are trying to manage a garden growing with luscious vegetables, the problem is: the artichokes have overtaken the patch! The aim of the game is to draw a hand from your deck without a single artichoke at the end of your turn. All the other vegetables in the game have special abilities. Some vegetables will help players compost artichokes, some will help filter the player’s deck, some will even allow players to swap cards with others to throw a wrench in their plans!

This game seems innocent but its incredibly clever, tactical and quite possibly the first ever reverse deck-builder card game! A game best enjoyed with family and friends after sumptuous dinner of vegetarian cuisine! This is one of Boss Kenneth’s favourites, check out his review here

For 2-4 Players,  20 Minutes Playing Time, Age 10+

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New York Slice

new york slice box new york slice contents

In New York Slice, the players are a team of pizza chefs with the goal to make the most delicious pizza – 1 slice at a time! The Winner is the player who collects slices with the highest point values. The cards are actually pizza slices and players get to decide to keep slices or ‘eat’ them! There are many different flavours to collect like Hawaiian, Meat Lovers, Vegetarian and Combo slices, but hold the anchovy slices, those minus points!

You definitely have to have pizza while playing this game but make sure you don’t mistake the game slices as food!

For 2-6 Players,  30 Minutes Playing Time, Age 8+

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new york slice serving suggestion


Sushi Draft

sushi draft contents

There must be something about Sushi because there are lots of games themed around it! In Sushi draft, players strive to eat the most sushi to score points. The player with the most points after 3 rounds wins! You can either eat as many of the same types or you could eat the most variety. There’s Ikura, Ebi, Maguro, Tamago, Kappa and more!

This game plays incredibly fast and before you know it, you’ll find yourself playing more than one game! You could play this during a Sushi lunch or a Sushi dinner or whenever you’re having Japanese food. Unlike Sushi Go! Sushi Draft is simpler, easier to teach and still has a good bluff element.

For 3-5 Players,  15 Minutes Playing Time, Age 8+

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Sushi Roll

sushi roll contents

Sushi Roll is the dice version of the popular Sushi Go! Card game. Players are to score the most points by eating the most dishes after 3 rounds. Players all roll their sushi dice, on their turn they are to pick 1 die and pass the rest to the player on the left. The dice are re-rolled and the process repeats. There are many different combinations you can have to help increase your score: Nigiri with Wasabi, gathering more Sashimi, collecting Puddings. There is a sneaky element in this game where you can use chopstick tokens to swap your friend’s die before they can choose it on their turn!

A delectable little sushi game with an added dice rolling element that’s fun for the family and a charming game to play with friends!

For 2-5 Players,  20 Minutes Playing Time, Age 8+

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If you find that you need a Sushi game for a bigger group of friends, there’s Sushi Go! Party which takes up to 8 players! 


Go Nuts for Donuts!

go nuts for donuts contents

Players are donut lovers waiting for donuts to roll out from the bakery and there is no way are they’re gonna share the good ones with anyone else! The aim is to eat as many donuts as you can and score the highest! You make a secret bid for donuts by placing value cards face down in front of you. Then you reveal the cards to see which player gets the donut. If 2 or more people pick the same donut, no one gets it! There’s so many donuts to choose from: Chocolate Frosted, Donut Holes, Eclairs, French Crullers, classic Glazed, Jelly-Filled, Maple Bar and more! You’ll get hungry thinking about all of them! Actually, there are even ‘bad’ donuts in the game, like Day-Old Donuts that give you -7 points!

You have to play this game with a big tray of donuts and some coffee because it’s just wrong not to!

For 2-6 Players,  20 Minutes Playing Time, Age 8+

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go nuts for donuts serving suggestion


Just Desserts

just desserts box just desserts contents

In Just Desserts, players are waiters at a cafe who compete to serve picky customers desserts! There are 8 different types of dessert ranging from pastry to fruit to cake etc. Each picky guest belongs to a suit and has their own special requirements. If a player is able to supply a guest their favourite dessert, they score! The player who is able to serve 3 guests of the same suit or 5 guests of different suits wins! There are variants you can add where you can block/poach guests from other players, you can pull a Surprise Party card to claim a guest with their favourite dessert so that another player doesn’t get it!

If you love dessert or want to end a game night with a sweet little game, try this one and yes, bring lots of cake and ice cream!

For 2-5 Players,  30 Minutes Playing Time, Age 8+

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But wait! There’s More Games! 

We’ve added more titles to our list of food games! (added August, 2020)


chope card game food chope card game contents  chope card game food art

In Singapore, everyone knows the ‘Laws of Chope’, basically ‘hawker table reservation etiquette.’ If you see a packet of tissue placed on a hawker table seat, it means its reserved. As every Singaporean knows, reserving hawker table seats is a game of ‘faster choper first’: you don’t slap that tissue packet down, you don’t get that hawker seat.

In ‘Chope!’, players are hungry folks trying to get their favourite hawker delights and find a table. On your turn, flip open as many cards from the centre hawker deck to see how much food cards you can get. There’s Chicken Rice, Nasi Briyani, Nasi Lemak, Laksa to name a few. If you encounter 2 of the same food cards, you bust! You’ll be forced to pick that one dish and discard all the others! Meanwhile, if other players see table cards while you’re flipping open cards, they slap down a tissue pack card on the table card and yell ‘CHOPE!’ to snag a table! There are also Mynah birds that pop up in the deck and players have to play ‘SIAM!’ cards and yell SIAM! to scare the birds away! Player who scores the most food cards and choped tables when the deck runs out, wins!

A fast-paced family game full of local Singaporean delight that’s great with everyone from kids to seniors!

For 3-6 Players,  20 Minutes Playing Time, Age 6+

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Mooncake Master

mooncake master box mooncake master cards mooncake master customers

The Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival takes place around mid-September to early October every year. And the best part: the mooncakes! You and your friends are mooncake apprentices with the aim to craft the tastiest mooncakes and cater to fussy customers.

Players each select mooncake tile cards by choosing 1 of 3 tiles and passing 1 to the left and 1 to the right. When everyone’s done selecting, they reveal their tiles and try to make mooncakes with other players by fitting their cards into 4 squares. 4 squares make a complete mooncake. There’s lotus seed paste, red bean paste, green tea paste, salted egg yolk to name a few. After everyone has made 3 complete mooncakes, they’re scored by taste. If you made good combinations, that mooncake gets higher taste points! eg. 1 flavour mooncakes, 1 complete salted egg yolk. But it’s not just about making tasty mooncakes, there are customers to fulfill! Gain additional points by fulfilling customers’ demands. Player with the most customers fulfilled wins!

A delightful game to play with friends and family over tea and samplings of mooncakes!

For 1-6 Players,  30 Minutes Playing Time, Age 10+

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Point Salad


Just like how you would go to a salad place and make a salad bowl, Point Salad is about scoring the most points from vegetables you pick.

You and your friends are making their own salads. On your turn, you either select 2 face up vegetable cards and score them immediately, or you could choose a scoring card to improve your vegetable scores. This game seems deceptively simple, but the strategy is in what combinations of vegetables to pick and what column to pick them from! Scoring is incredibly flexible and you can choose whichever way to get as many points as you can! You can also mess up your friends by denying them of scoring cards by taking them first!

It’s an all out Salad War! It’s fast, tactical and full of greens! 

For 2-6 Players, 30 Minutes Playing Time, Age 8+


Pair A Game With Some Food for the Best Kind of Fellowship!

ramen with ramen fury

And there you have it! All this talk of food is making us hungry!

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