Hey PI-Fans,

Things keep chugging along as always. I’m not sure when the steady stream of new board games became a thing, but here we are.

7 Wonders: Architects – Medals provides a mechanical expansion to the sleek streamlined gameplay of 7 Wonders: Architects with new medal and science mechanic increasing the amount of things players have to fight over. A new edition of the classic Cartagena arrives in the form of Cartagena: Escape Diaries, which builds upon the original (and can be played as the original as well) with extra options and game modes.

For the little ones, a restock of the classic Dobble, along with the Camping, Disney Princesses and Animals sets mean plenty of raucous laughter for anyone looking for a speed reaction game.


“You have been sent to the prison of Cartagena. Your task: successfully guide your crew of pirates to escape this perilous fortress. Will you be the first to lead your entire group to the ship and escape to the sea?”

Cartagena: Escape Diaries features a gorgeous new edition featuring new artwork of Five crews of six different anthromorphic animal pirates and features multiple ways to play, including the classic game of Cartagena, referred to in this edition as First Escape. Additional game modes add additional challenges which must be managed to ensure a successful escape, culminating in the all-in “All Together Now” scenario.

Are you ready to lead the greatest prison escape of all time with your group of pirates?


Constructing a Wonder isn’t enough anymore! From now on, Medals will reward you for completing your objectives. Every decision counts towards leaving your mark on History and making sure your opponents don’t take the lead.

The 7 Wonders: Architects – Medals expansion features two new Wonders (the Colosseum of Rome and the Ziggurat of Ur), new Progress tokens and a new game element: Medals. These are objectives to be achieved before your neighbours to gain extra Victory Points. This expansion brings new strategies to the base game 7 Wonders Architects, but the victory conditions remain the same.

Board and Card Game New Releases:
7 Wonders: Architects – Medals Expansion
Cartagena: Escape Diaries
Dobble – Animals
Dobble – Disney Princesses

Board and Card Game Restocks:
7 Wonders: Architects
Codenames: Duet
Codenames: Pictures
Codenames: Singapore Edition
Dobble – Camping
Lanterns: The Harvest Festival
Lost Ruins of Arnak
Poetry for Neanderthals
Really Loud Librarians
Space Park
Ticket to Ride
Ticket to Ride Nordic Countries