Hey PI-Fans,

Take the opportunity to poke around a bit in the board game releases this week! You’ll never know what sort of clues you’ll turn up in this slightly investigative focused week.

Take a break from the mist choked streets of Arkham County as it is time for The Feast of Hemlock Vale campaign for the Arkham Horror Living Card Game. Take a trip to this scenic isle, partake of the festivities, mingle with the locals… and try to avoid getting eaten – that would be bad.

If the getting devoured by the wildlife part sounds problematic, consider a side trip to Echo Ridge City to take on the mob in Tiny Epic Crimes and it’s expansion Kingpins. As officers of the law, players need to solve the murder of the Mayor’s son and deal with the resultant crime wave before an all out gang war kicks off. 


Brave the mysteries of Hemlock Isle in The Feast of Hemlock Vale expansion for the Arkham Horror LCG which sees investigators handyman Wilson Richards, scientist Kate Winthrop, countess Alessandra Zorzi, folklorist Kōhaku Narukami and the farmhand, Hank Samson visiting this isolated little island at the behest of renowned botanist Dr. Rosa Marquez.

During the day, players will bond with the locals and explore the island, but once the sun goes down, the island becomes a death trap of ravenous, twisted wildlife. Can they unveil the secrets of Hemlock Isle in just three short days? Or will they be devoured in the coming feast?

This expansion contains the entirety of The Feast of Hemlock Vale campaign. Players only need a copy of the Arkham Horror: The Card Game Revised Core Set to dive into the story.


Criminals in the city feast in the streets, preying on the innocent citizens of Echo Ridge. But these petty gangs only squabble for the table scraps left over by the Kingpin. This despot looms large over the city, pulling all of its strings, and threatening Echo Ridge’s very foundation. 

In the Kingpins expansion for Tiny Epic Crimes, one of six Kingpins have taken over the city. You must gather your wits and take them down, adding precious time to hamper your ability to solve the murder. The identity of the Kingpin will be revealed through game play.

But beware! The Kingpins have other plans in store for the faithful officers of Echo Ridge City and will unleash a wave of events if they feel the coppers closing in. The Kingpins expansion will feature new city events tied to each Kingpin and their gang of mobsters. These new events will take valuable time for you to solve as you hunt these gang leaders.


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