Hey PI-Fans,

With CNY slowly creeping up upon everyone, we’ve managed to sneak in another pile of stuff into the store, including of a couple of new fast playing board games this week. While Ticket to Ride: Berlin and That Escalated Quickly represent brand new titles finding their way to the shelf, beloved titles like Wingspan, 7 Wonders and Azul have been reloaded.

If you need a stockpile of CNY supplies, don’t forget to grab a stash of Bicycle plastic or plastic clay-filled Poker Chips – we won’t tell you how to use your gaming supplies, but we have some ideas.

Ticket to Ride: Berlin provides another standalone small box twist on the classic Ticket to Ride formula with players managing both the Berlin Straßenbahn (Streetcar) network and the U-bahn (Subway) in order to connect multiple destinations within the city. 

In this fast-paced Ticket to Ride game, players race one another to visit the most iconic locations of the city and complete their Destination Tickets. The winning player will utilize Berlin’s streetcars and, for the first time, will venture under the streets to incorporate a subway system into their routes.



In the cooperative game That Escalated Quickly, players are working together to arrange concepts numerically from one to ten.

First, read out a simple question (ex. I’m locked in a tiny room. What else is locked in here with me from cutest to scariest). Then everyone is assigned a secret number from one to ten. Next, each player gives an answer to the question, and the intensity of that answer is based on their secret number (ex. 1= a bunny, 10= a grizzly bear with chainsaw arms.) Finally, the person who read the question has to try and sort those answers into the correct order. If they get it right everyone wins! 


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