Hey PI-Fans,

One of the things I simultaneously love and hate about this industry is the restock cycle. Occasionally, part of it is just surrendering to the vicissitudes of fate and just letting the vagaries of fate dictate what meanders onto shelves for the week.

With shipping being what it is, it’s probably better to just sit back, let things fall where they may and hope for the best.

That said, it isn’t all bad to play with the cards on hand. After all Space Cowboy’s Spellbook has magically materialized on the shelves, and the asdfmovie card game Muffin Time has appeared in it’s wake. On top of that, we’ve managed to secure stocks of the asymmetrical conflict game Root and the social deduction themed Deception: Murder in Hong Kong. There’s also plenty of other stuff in the pipeline on top of this including restocks of our mainstays like Dixit, Catan, Codenames and Citadels the classics are after all always in demand.

Become the greatest wizard of the Annual Grand Rite by collecting and managing your Materia to feed your familiar and learn your spells. Act quickly to use your powers early…or wait to unleash them at full strength. Your path to victory is full of choices and combined tactics!

In SpellBook, each player, accompanied by a familiar, possesses a grimoire and collects Materia to master spells and feed their familiar. The game provides pre-drawn spell sets for use in the early rounds, but soon players start drawing spells randomly or create their own spell combinations that are common to all players. Each spell combination gives an effect that lasts the rest of the game, and the more ingenious the combination, the more powerful the effect. 

The game ends as soon as a magician’s grimoire is complete or a familiar is fully fed, then the player with the most points wins.


Muffin Time is a chaotic card game with more twists and turns than you can shake a spork at! Battle your friends, family, and hyper-intelligent pets by drawing and playing from a deck of unique cards that’ll either help you, thwart others, or mix things up for the sheer hell of it! To win the game, you just need to start your turn with exactly 10 cards in your hand but if you think that’ll be easy, you’re wrong .

Players draw a card on their turn and can choose to “place” up to three trap cards out of their hand. As a second part of their turn they either pick up one card or play one action card, which are all unique and can have wide-ranging consequences on the other players or game as a whole

The game ends when a player wins when someone starts their turn holding exactly 10 cards.



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Muffin Time

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