Hey PI-Fans,

A restock of both the Century Golem series and Azul have meandered into the store after spending way too long stuck in limbo and it’s a bulky shipment of stuff, with all five of the Azul titles, including the special Master Chocolatier special edition set and all three Century Golem titles now available on our shelves.

The four main Azul titles – Azul, Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra, Azul: Summer Pavilion and Azul: Queen’s Garden are beautiful games with a masterfully elegant take on resource drafting. Players alternate turns to draft tiles from a central market while cheekily working to force opponents to take more than they need. The special Azul: Master Chocolatier edition on the other hand is a unique candy retheme of the classic Azul, replacing the tiles of the original with pieces patterned after chocolate pralines!

If you really like Azul, consider picking up a copy of the Azul: Crystal Mosaic expansion for the main Azul game, which contains a stack of double-sided gameboard providing alternative scoring patterns and a set of plastic overlays with recesses designed to keep the tiles in place. Alternatively, you can grab a copy of the Azul: Glazed Pavilion expansion, which does the same for Azul Summer Pavilion.

The Century Golem series on the other hand, is a unique take on board games in general, with each game being fully playable on it’s own, but also being mechanically compatible with it’s sister titles. This allows players to smash Century Golem Edition, Century Golem Edition: Eastern Mountains and Century Golem Edition: An Endless World together in a massive combined worker placement engine builder.