Hey PI-Fans,

If you’re like us and enjoy the occasional round of Catan or two with friends but struggle to get the playgroup to use the expansions (a travesty I know), the nifty little Catan Traveler is probably the Catan set to own, especially if you’re concerned about space and portability.

Essentially a full set of the Catan base game for four players, Catan Traveler goes a step beyond the original for including special rules for two-players as well (since it can prove vaguely difficult to pack a third player in a suitcase). Everything fits neatly into the additional drawers built into the case, with card holders for the resource cards, and a dice shaker to keep individual dice from doing a runner.

While it can’t work with the full scale expansions, these factors combine to make this neat little set an excellent gift for a person with tight space requirements or anyone who just enjoys the game of Catan as is. 

If you’re curious at how the box goes together, just check out some of the photos of the components below.