Hey PI-Fans,

Henry Audubon’s TRAILS is now available on the Games @ PI Webstore

Almost a midpoint between it’s larger siblings Parks and Space Park, Trails manages to streamline the overall experience without falling into the passive-aggressive action manipulation of Space Park, allowing for a quieter, more contemplative experience that doesn’t overstay it’s welcome. 

In line with being an amazing little game that can be played on a coffee-table sized surface, Trails is a brilliantly smart little minimalistic game about players maximizing their limited options. All things considered, for such a tiny little box, Trails is surprisingly pretty dense in terms of contents. The modular board is actually a pretty nice detail allowing for multiple different possible setups and is an inspired way to track the game’s day/night cycle.

This isn’t to say it’s better than it’s siblings either. Henry Audubon has somehow managed to create a unique tempo and flavor for each of these titles, which will no doubt appeal to different people.

All things, considered, they’re brilliant games, and as someone whose job involves working with games, I won’t hesitate to recommend them for players of all ages. Trails, Parks and Space Park are now all available on the Games @ PI Webstore if you’re intrigued by these beautifully illustrated games.

– Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager