Hey PI-Fans,

Another week, another release. This time, its Quirky Circuits: Penny & Gizmo’s Snow Day!, a wacky programming themed cooperative board game where players must work together to send a little robot friend careening across the board like a cat on a roomba.

Well… there actually IS A CAT ON A ROOMBA…

In Quirky Circuits, players must successfully program a set of sequential actions for their little robot buddies using their command cards without communication. Chase down dust bunnies with the vacuum cleaning Gizmo and collect flags on a slalom course with the skiing Penny the Penguin! Players have only limited information as to which cards their teammates have played, raising the stakes with each action played. Program wrongly and your robo-friend could be left spinning its wheels in a corner as they run out of batteries.

This adorable little logic puzzler is playable at 2-4 players, with players as young as ages 7+ being able to play the game with some supervision and rounds go by in 15-30 minutes per scenario.

Trying to figure out if the game is for you?

Check out Plaid Hat Games’ own learn-to-play video!