Hey PI-Fans,

For a box named ‘Nachmund’, there’s a surreal lack of Imperial Forces aren’t there. Maybe it portents something for the future, maybe it doesn’t… who knows… they don’t tell us anything in advance either.

Either way, Games Workshop is pushing out another Kill Team starter set, this time featuring a team of Chaos Space Marines Legionnaires (with new options on the sprue, GW promises us) as they clash with the Aeldari Voidscarred Corsairs in the ruins of yet another Imperial wasteland.

What’s in the boxes exactly? Well… according to the Games Workshop website:

Kill Team: Nachmund sees the Aeldari Voidscarred Corsairs take on the might of the Chaos Space Marines. This box is packed with new rules, missions, terrain, and miniatures that make up two full teams of special operatives equipped with a variety of weapons and wargear.

The incredible new Voidscarred Corsairs come with a wide range of options, from deadly wraithcannons to vicious hekatarii blades, to arm all the different operatives you can field in their kill team – but they’re especially good at being super sneaky. The Heretic Astartes build on a classic kit but come with even more options, including the devastating reaper chaincannon. Your operatives can also gain a massive advantage by pledging themselves to the Dark Gods.

The terrain included in the box is an entire Imperial Sector Mechanicus, and the 96-page rulebook contains new rules for fighting in this kind of killzone, along with background on the war enveloping the Nachmund sector, as well as all the info you need to field your two new specialist kill teams.

Despite many many big words, we still don’t really know what’s in the box, but hey… all that marketing speak sounds pretty!

Apparently quantities are going to be limited as well, because reasons unknown to us.

Regardless, nobody expects the Spanish Inquisiti… wait wrong script… hang on… right…





Preregistrations for KILL TEAM NACHMUND closes on Friday, 11th March 2021


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