Greetings, Super Heroes and Investigators!


We’re pleased to bring you more shiny! Vision takes the field against Thanos the Mad Titan, while ripples in reality have led to important scientists vanishing without a trace!



This incredible android Avenger phases into battle in this expansion pack, which introduces Vision as a new playable hero along with his sixteen signature cards. With a pre-built Protection deck ready to play from the get-go, you’ll be ready to face your enemies with Vision’s unique density-manipulating gameplay from the moment you open the box. With high durability and a plethora of abilities to punish villains, Vision is an adaptable hero that can be an asset to any team!

As an iconic member of the Avengers and a hero with a versatile toolkit, it comes as no surprise that Vision is completely at home on any hero team. Bypass Thanos’ defences and protect your allies from the Mad Titan’s assault with the Vision Hero Pack, in store now!


Arhkam Horror: Machinations Through Time

Something is very wrong. Nobel Award-winning scientists and their revolutionary discoveries have vanished. This ripple in reality is a devastating loss for humanity, and it must be restored. Who has tampered with the past and disrupted the future? Only time will tell…

The city of Arkham is caught in a dark plot that spans across decades! From the quiet days of Arkham’s past to the bustling days of its future, you and your fellow investigators will chase the culprits of this chronological caper before they undo sixty years of important scientific discoveries. Will you find and rescue the missing scientists from their captivity in the twisted realm of Tindalos? Or will your travels through time cause unintended consequences for the past, present, and future?


With many twists, turns, and time paradoxes, Machinations Through Time will keep even the most experienced investigators on their toes. Will you solve the mystery of who is targeting these scientists throughout history? Or will you become lost in the time stream?

*Arkham Horror: Machinations Through Time is a Scenario Pack that is compatible with Arkham Horror: The Card Game, and is NOT compatible with the Arkham Horror board games.


Whether you choose to be Vision(ary) or put your thinking caps on to solve the mystery in a timely manner, adventure awaits!


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