Hey PI-Fans,

We’re still running around crazily restocking the shelves, but for those of you who sleeve your games (and we highly recommend it, really…), we’ve gotten restocks of both the Sultan range of card sleeves as well as the Gamegenic Prime sleeves in Standard, Standard European, Standard American, Mini European and Mini American sizes.

On the board game front, we’ve had a massive stack of restocks as well. The classic bird watching game Wingspan and it’s European and Oceania expansions are back on the shelf, chugging in with reloads of modern classics like Catan, it’s 5-6 player expansion and Forbidden Island and Forbidden Desert.

That said, if you’re here for the new stuff, there’s the Oh Brother! expansion for Stuffed Fables, which sees new plushies (and an action figure) continuing to protect children from nightmares and a new Unlock! set. On the party game front, we’ve also got Exploding Minions, a themed spin-off of the classic Exploding Kittens for those who can’t get enough of the yellow bean shaped miscreants!

There’s more stuff, of course, including some sneaky wargaming top ups like the BattleTech Clan Invasion Box set and a new sourcebook we’ll talk about more next week.

Have a good weekend, folks

– Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager