Hey PI-Fans,

The Warhammer Community website has been fairly aggressively hinting that the next Kill Team two-player box ‘Pariah Nexus‘ is in the pipeline.* Whether you’re a Marine Captain after the all new Heavy Intercessors with their chunky T5 or a Necron Lord going gaga over the possibility of just messing with the flow of time with the Necron Chronomancer **, players of both armies will be wanting a piece of the action.***



We know there are a lot of players out there salivating at the chance to get their hands on new toys to bolster their collections, so we’ve decided we’re going to make things easier for you. While Games Workshop has been playing fairly coy with the pricing for the upcoming box****, we’re offering a special opportunity to reserve a copy of Kill Team – Pariah Nexus in advance. *****





Secure your copy now. $100 deposit, placeble at Games @ PI.

Reservation order will be taken in order of receipt of deposit. In the event of short supply, orders will be fulfilled according to reservation order. Delivery subject to manufacturer release dates. Reservation will remain open until product release date. Deposit amount will count towards final payment. Additional payment will be required at point of collection based on final MSRP.

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* Well, less hinting, and more outright hollering while banging a metaphorical gong.
** What do we want? Time Travel. When do we want it? Irrelevant.
*** Or you could just want to play Kill Team. We don’t judge.
**** To the point that you probably know it better than us.
***** We assume in advance. Chronomancers, imply timey-wimey nonsense going on, so we don’t actually know the final release date. We assume SOON TM.