Hey PI-Fans,

For many of us, like it or loathe it, lacing up the boots and strapping on the helmet is a time honored tradition. If you look back fondly on those memories (or even if you doesn’t), we’ve got a flash sale for you that may stoke that sense of nostalgia of the time in green.

After all, you’re in the Guard now, son.

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Astra Militarum Bastion Platoon
1 Cadian Command Squad
2 Cadian Infantry Squads
1 Cadian Heavy Weapon Squad
1 Astra Militarum Sentinel/Armoured Sentinel Dual Kit
1 Astra Militarum Chimera
1 Astra Militarum Hydra/Wyvern Dual Kit

The Astra Militarum Bastion Platoon is a perfect way to start an Astra Militarum army, coming chock full of bits to tool out the basics of an Imperial Guard force. 20 Cadian Guardsmen provide the bodies, along with three Cadian Heavy Weapons Team sprues, which come chock full of bits for tooling out a Heavy Weapons Squad. If you’re conservative with your kneeling bodies, you might even be able to squeeze two or three heavy weapon squads with some helpful volunteers from your Guardsmen teams. A Cadian Command Squad not only provides your officers, but the sprue comes loaded with special weapons like Plasma and Melta guns for tooling out your infantry teams. For combat support, there’s an Astra Militarum Sentinel, buildable as a Sentinel Scout Walker or Armoured Sentinel, great for contesting objectives or just being a pest. A Chimera IFV provides mobility for an infantry squad as well as bringing another set of guns to the table and a Wyvern/Hydra kit provides either fires support or air-defence depending on how you kit out the tank.


* $305 Retail Price. Now until 28th Feb. While stocks last.