Hey PI-fans,

And once again, it’s Friday! Grab your friends, grab some snacks! We have a New Release that will leave you in stitches: Trial by Trolley!


Trial by Trolley




You’ve probably heard about the infamous moral dilemma: an out of control car is speeding down the road and is about to hit 2 groups of people – pre-schoolers or slow moving elderly. Which would you pick? In Trial By Trolley, one player is the Trolley Conductor while the other players must convince the Trolley Conductor which group of people should he/she kill!

At the start of the round, 2 innocent cards are played face up on 2 separate tracks eg. ‘A woman in labour in a car’ or ‘the world’s greatest physicist’. Players than play 2 more innocent cards on both tracks to raise the stakes eg. ‘babies in a wading pool’. Next, each side plays a ‘guilty’ card on either side’s track to sabotage them. These are ‘bad’ cards like ‘a heckler’ or ‘a swarm of killer bees flying straight toward you’. And finally, to sweeten the deal, players put ‘modifier’ cards on top of existing characters to make things sound better or worse like ‘their ghost will haunt you forever’. Finally the Trolley Conductor decides which side he/she will pick to kill off. The players with the track that had their characters killed off get 1 death token. The player/ team with the fewest death tokens wins! 

If you love black humor, games like Cards Against Humanity and games about arguing your case, you’ll absolutely have fun with this one! 

By the creators of cynical webcomic, Cyanide and Happiness!

3-13 Players, 30-90 Minutes Playing Time, Ages 14+

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