Hey PI-Fans,

We’re in the midst of rolling out our new Membership System, and something has clearly gone wrong.

What could go wrong, you ask? Well… clearly our Games Workshop prices have clearly failed to import properly. Apparently, an error somewhere has led to the system applying the GST tax value as a discount. I guess this sort of makes it an accidental 7% sale on all mispriced Games Workshop products until we can get this fixed.

We’re honestly not exactly sure why this is happening so while our expert technicians assess the problem and squash the bugs (or run in circles screaming… pick one). And since the system has declared this apparently is stacking with our current membership promotion leading up to PIe Day, I guess this mostly works out in your favour.

We can only assume that the database reupload to coincide with the the upcoming Games Workshop mandated Price Revisions on the 8th of July will solve this.

Judging by the above list, since the direction of prices is, for the most part, consistently moving in a single direction (and that direction is apparently UP), we’re putting together one final GW order to squeak in under the bar so to speak.

If you want in as a customer, here’s how it’s going to work:
Active Games @ PI Members can place pre-orders at the store or by contacting the store directly by phone to place orders for items on the list of items currently undergoing revisions. The deadline for last call orders to reach us is 10pm, Thursday 4th July.

We’re sorry for the disruptions.

– Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager

GW Items In Store Accidentally Priced Down By 7%.
Price Rise coming 8th July.
Last chance to order at old price closes 10pm, 4th July.