Hey PI-Fans,

Have you tried Keyforge yet? With Keyforge, Richard Garfield
does away with deckbuilding entirely, with each booster containing an entirely unique deck allowing players to literally open a pack and leap into the action. Step into in the shoes of a mighty Archon, racing to forge keys that unlock the Crucible.

Interested? Well Games @ PI is here to help you get started!

For the month of July, Games @ PI is rolling out our Keyforge “Get Started” Bundle which contains everything you need to get started with four unique Keyforge decks and all the accessories you’ll need to play the game. * 

Grab a Keyforge Age of Ascension Starter Set and a pair of Keyforge Call of the Archon decks at $60

Of course, Keyforge is better with friends, so don’t forget to grab a Keyforge Crucible Pass, redeemable for free entry into an Open Archon event on Keyforge Chainbound Nights at Games @ PI.**

Sounds good?

Well, we’re looking forward to seeing you at the next event then.

– Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager

* Contents of the Keyforge “Get Started” Bundle sold as is. No replacing of items. Promotion ends 31/7/19.
** Games @ PI Chainbound Night are run every Friday. Check our social media pages for details on the type of event being run weekly.