TLDR: Membership System Updates Coming. Also PI-Day on 22/7.

Hey PI-Fans,

We’ve always jokingly claimed that Tzeentch, Warhammer’s Chaos deity of Change is the store patron. Well… things are afoot.

This time it’s the store membership system: The current system is going away…

But fear not. We’re not going to leave you hanging.

Here’s how it’s going to work.

Games @ PI Members will recieve the following benefits when shopping in our store:

• A 5% Discount Off the Listed Price For All Purchases*
• An Additional 5% Discount During The Customer’s Birthday Month
• The Accumulation of PI Points

PI Points are our revamped membership reward system, which are accumulated with every $10 spent in a single receipt. With the full rollout of the system on 22/7**, PI Points will be redeemable for rebate vouchers, event passes and special member exclusive product redemption.

Keep your eyes peeled for more details, which will be announced closer to the date.

Want to become a Games @ PI member? Well, you can look forward to the end of your yearly $10 sign up fees. Membership is now automatic and free for any purchase of $300 or more within a single receipt and will remain active for the lifetime of the member.***

Already an existing member and wondering how this will affect you? No worries. If your account is active, you’ll automatically be rolled forward into the new system at no cost. This means an end to yearly membership renewal fees for you as well.

Of course, a change like this always has a transition period, and this works out in your favour as well. From now until 22/7, all members (new and old) will receive the additional 5% membership discount on all purchases in the store. If a price tag has more than one price, this stacks on the lower price displayed.****

And, if you’ve gotten this far, you’ll have no doubt noticed the mention of PI-Day. As always, being the iconoclasts we are, we’ve always put more stock into 22/7 as the value of PI and it’s happening again this year.*****

Keep an eye out for more details as we progress through July.

– Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager

* Barring Item Specific Restrictions
** Yes, we planned this.
*** Or the active duration of the membership system
**** This does in fact mean your membership benefits double-stack. Of course, as we transition towards a full system roll-out, these old price tags will be phased out as well, so the faster you hunt down the bargains, the better.
***** Yes there will be PIe.