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Ia Ia

Hey PI-Fans, Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn... The end of the world waits for no one. It will not be constrained by incredibly cute small fuzzy animals or conventional spelling. And stuff. Another week's worth of stuff is in folks, and despite it's horror styling and Lovecraftian bent, it's full of fun all the same. In Unspeakable Words, you and your opponents will attempt to form words from the letter cards. Each letter is worth points – the amount of points.  Roll equal to or higher than the value of your word and you’re safe… but roll less than the value of your word and you lose a precious piece of your sanity... or go stark raving mad and start scoring nonsense words... POOTIS POOTIS POOTIS POOTIS Explore hostile worlds of your own creation with Dread, a game carved from the intense emotions buried in your favorite horror stories. The thrill [...]

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Credit For Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition Rulebooks

Hey PI-Fans With the launch of Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition, the grim darkness of the far future is in full swing as armies of Death Guard Plague Marines and Primaris Space Marines flood the battlefields of the universe. In light of this development Games @ PI is offering a bounty on spare copies of the Warhammer 40,000 Core Rulebook from the Dark Imperium Starter Set. Trade in your sealed copy of the Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook from the Dark Imperium set for $50 of Store Credit to your account. Offer is open until 2nd July, 2017. 

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Hey PI-Fans, With the working week drawing to a close and the weekend rumbling around, we've just restocked the store with it's share of titles. This means titles like Ticket to Ride Europe, Mysterium and Eldritch Horror  are  back in stock. On top of that, we've gotten in the Marvel Legendary Noir expansion, which unleashes grimdark version of heroes and villains upon the Legendary card game. And then there's Limpeh Says. New Board and Card Game Releases Marvel Legendary Noir Expansion Board and Card Game Restocks Bang! The Card Game Bang! The Dice Game Eldritch Horror Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duel at Mt Skullzfyre Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Rumble at Castle Tentakill Imagine Limpeh Says Mysterium Race for the Galaxy Smash Up Smash Up Munchkin Ticket to Ride Ticket to Ride Europe New Role Playing Game Releases Pathfinder RPG: Advanced Players Guide Pocket Edition Pathfinder RPG: Gamemastery Guide [...]

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We’re Hiring!

Actually, we're fine with dwarfs. Laggards and Cowards still need not apply. Hey PI-Fans, All things considered, working at Games @ PI is probably less dangerous then going adventuring in the Old World. On the other hand, we're still looking for people to round out our merry band of adventurers. We're once again on the look out for dynamic, confident and responsible individuals! If you're interested in a part time or full time position with us, check out our staff roles and responsibilities and send with your resume. - Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager

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Short Order Hero

Hey PI-Fans, Monday rolls around again. And much like many of you, I'm back at work. And since my job revolves around bringing you awesome stuff, that means there's new stuff for the shelf too. Use curses to make the lives of their enemies impossible to prevail over them in Voodoo! Each curse grants you points when you cast it and many more points if your target forgets to obey it or becomes too exhausted to continue. Collect as many malediction points as you can to reach the final tile of the scoreboard before anyone else! In New York Slice, each player slices pizzas into portions, giving their opponents first choice, while they take the leftovers. There are a dozen kinds of pizza to work with, from veggie to hawaiian to meat lover's, and each player decides if they want to eat or keep some of the slices, building the best collection [...]

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Hey PI-Fans, I just got buried by boxes. Again. But hey. It's my job to keep the stock flowing. As usual, this means the regular titles like Ladies and Gentlemen, Twilight Imperium, Elder Sign,  Splendor, Ticket to Ride, Catan, Onitama and the like are back in stock. Plus we've reloaded our kids line too, so if you're looking for something for younger gamers, feel free to give titles like Gopher It, Left Turn Right Turn and Barnyard Buddies a spin. On top of that, there's new stuff too. Hey Munchkin fans, Moop's Monster Mashup creates bizarre new animals such as the Owligator and Kangarooster to battle Munchkins on their way to Level 10. Heroes can fight back with their own mixed-up weapons, including Sockodiles and the Beaver Cleaver.  Smash this together with any of your fantasy Munchkin sets and prepare for a wild ride! ...and then we held hands is a co-operative game [...]

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Rocks Fall

Hey PI-Fans, Some people have been asking where I've been. "He's been awful quiet of late. Maybe he's dead." Well. I'm pleased to reveal that rumors of my demise are only mostly exaggerated. The awesome thing about working in a company like G@PI is that it keeps running regardless of personnel like yours truly getting run over with something as minor as tonsillitis. With an awesome staff dedicated to keeping the games flowing, they're not about to let something as minor as their manager keeling over stop them. I've noticed, by the way, that this is an excellent way of making me shut up. With my vocabulary reduced to grunts... This is what this week's announcement would sound like. "Grunt Mumble Grunt Snort Hack Cough Cough Mumble." Hardly impressive. I'm better off letting the titles speak for themselves. - Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager Board and Card Game Restocks 7 [...]

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