Hey PI-Fans,

I just got buried by boxes. Again. But hey. It’s my job to keep the stock flowing. As usual, this means the regular titles like Ladies and Gentlemen, Twilight Imperium, Elder Sign,  Splendor, Ticket to Ride, Catan, Onitama and the like are back in stock.

Plus we’ve reloaded our kids line too, so if you’re looking for something for younger gamers, feel free to give titles like Gopher It, Left Turn Right Turn and Barnyard Buddies a spin.

On top of that, there’s new stuff too.

Hey Munchkin fans, Moop’s Monster Mashup creates bizarre new animals such as the Owligator and Kangarooster to battle Munchkins on their way to Level 10. Heroes can fight back with their own mixed-up weapons, including Sockodiles and the Beaver Cleaver.  Smash this together with any of your fantasy Munchkin sets and prepare for a wild ride!

…and then we held hands is a co-operative game about finding balance. To win, the two players must complete objectives and reach the center of the board. The players take turns trying to fulfill the current common emotional objective without verbal communication, empathizing and always considering each other’s situation when making a move.

Smash Up: What Were We Thinking returns to the wild randomness of the early days of Smash Up with Rock Stars, Teddy Bears, Grannies and Explorers.  Run this as a two player Smash Up set or smash it together with other smash up sets to unleash wacky combinations like Zombie Rock Stars, Robot Grannies or Vampire Teddy Bears upon the world (and your opponents)!
In Ryuutama, Travelers go on a journey, and their stories are recorded by mysterious dragon-people observers called Ryuujin. At one point, in everyone’s lives, people get this intense feeling of wanderlust. They put their daily lives on hold and travel the world with new-found companions. They find out more about the world, and at the same time learn about themselves. Ryuutama emphasizes travel, exploration, community, friendship, harmony and growth.

New Board and Card Game Releases
… and then we held hands
Blood Rage 5th Player Expansion
Blood Rage Gods of Asgard
Blood Rage Mystics of Midgard
Moops Monster Mashup
Smash Up: What Were We Thinking

Board and Card Game Restocks
7 Wonders
Android Netrunner Core Set
Blood Rage
Elder Sign
Eldritch Horror
Cash and Guns
Catan Traders and Barbarians
Catan: Frenemies of Catan Expansion
Catan: Oil Springs Expansion
Catan Traveler
Coup Rebellion G54
Dead of Winter
Dead of Winter Longest Night
Fuji Flush
Ladies & Gentlemen
Android: New Angeles
Pandemic Legacy Red & Blue
Sushi Go Party
Twilight Imperium
Zombie Dice

Role Playing Game New Releases
Ryuutama Natural Fantasy RPG
Ryuutama Natural Fantasy RPG Limited Edition

Miniature Wargame Restocks
Runewars Core Set