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Dropfleet Commander Demo Day

Games@PI is hosting Dropfleet Commander Demos on 29/10/16 Watch the stars, PI-Fans! Are you a fan of space combat? Interested in seeing the all new Dropfleet Commander in action? Well then, we've got you covered. I do like saying that don't I? Games @ PI is hosting an official Dropfleet Commander Demo Day on Saturday, 29th October from 12nn to 4.30pm. Learn to play with Singapore's official Hawk's Talon and take a fleet out for a whirl yourself! Onward to victory! Onward to the Reconquest! ______________________________________________ It is the year 2672, a time of war on a galactic scale. The mighty battlefleets of the United Colonies of Mankind are ranged against those of the alien Scourge, vile overlords of humanity's once great homelands – the seven Cradle Worlds and Earth itself.  Dropfleet Commander is planetary invasion wargame designed by Andy Chambers and produced by Hawk Wargames. Players command destructive fleets of void capable [...]

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Dropfleet Commander Is Go

Engines to power, PI-Fans, Dropfleet Commander Wave 1 has landed at Games @ PI, as the void navies of the United Colonies of Mankind, the Post Human Republic, the Scourge and the Shaltari meet in combat above a beleaguered planet... Grab a race starter or pick up the two player battlebox and amass your fleets now with the new starter line... After all, the Reconquest isn't going to reconquer itself... ______________________________________________ New Miniature Wargame Releases Dropfleet Commander Rulebook Dropfleet Commander Two Player Starter Box (UCM & Scourge) Dropfleet Commander PHR Fleet Starter Dropfleet Commander Scourge Fleet Starter Dropfleet Commander Shaltari Fleet Starter Dropfleet Commander UCM Fleet Starter Dropfleet Commander Activation Cards

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Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team: Into No Man’s Land Campaign

Join the Kill Team Campaign from 22nd October to 27th November Hey PI-Fans, In the grim darkness of the far future there is only war… yet even amidst the wholesale slaughter of armies, amidst the blackened ruins, small bands of heroes stalk the skeletal remains of once proud cities, seeking to achieve through stealth and guile what the vagaries of war would deny to an entire legion. They are Kill Teams… Games @ PI will be hosting the Into No Man’s Land Kill Team Campaign from 22nd October to 27th November. […]

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Horrible Houses?

Hey PI-Fans, Someone is going to have a very bad day. Game-wise of course. On behalf of Games @ PI, we hope your regular life carries on as per normal. With the arrival of both Mansions of Madness expansions (Suppressed Memories and Recurring Nightmares), The Chains That Rust expansion for Descent, restocks of Betrayal at House on the Hill and it's expansion Widow's Walk as well as  Dead of Winter: The Long Night , it looks like the market for horrible houses is pretty full. For with less of an appreciation of the horror genre, there's plenty for you as well. Share the wonders of Ticket to Ride with younger players with Ticket to Ride: First Journey or go hopping through time with our reloaded TIME Stories shelf. Plus, it may well be your last chance to visit the Traxis sector and pick up the Space Hulk Death Angel card game and the Warhammer 40,000 [...]

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Always An Escalation

Hey PI-Fans, Another week means yet more swag for your table. Today, for instance, is release day for new LCG packs for the  Android Netrunner,  Warhammer 40,000 Conquest and A Game of Thrones living card games. In addition, we've picked up a wave of restocks of many popular titles as well as we prep for the weekend. So here's to another week of gaming in October, folks! Adventure Maximus! is an introductory RPG for children, designed to allow parents to play with their kids. It's a game where kids easily create characters, plan and run adventures, find treasures and be heroes! Adventure Maximus! inspires creativity,  problem solving and provides quality face time with other human beings. Carrying us deeper into this chaos and the tensions pulling New Angeles apart at the seams, Escalation offers a look at Corps more aggressively locking down their assets and hunt down their rivals. Runners gain new [...]

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