Games@PI is hosting Dropfleet Commander Demos on 29/10/16

Watch the stars, PI-Fans!

Are you a fan of space combat? Interested in seeing the all new Dropfleet Commander in action?

Well then, we’ve got you covered. I do like saying that don’t I?

Games @ PI is hosting an official Dropfleet Commander Demo Day on Saturday, 29th October from 12nn to 4.30pm. Learn to play with Singapore’s official Hawk’s Talon and take a fleet out for a whirl yourself!

Onward to victory! Onward to the Reconquest!

It is the year 2672, a time of war on a galactic scale. The mighty battlefleets of the United Colonies of Mankind are ranged against those of the alien Scourge, vile overlords of humanity’s once great homelands – the seven Cradle Worlds and Earth itself. 

Dropfleet Commander is planetary invasion wargame designed by Andy Chambers and produced by Hawk Wargames. Players command destructive fleets of void capable ships and battle for control of planets, fighting for the future of mankind itself!