Hey PI-Fans,

Welcome to the Inventors’ Fair, where creators gathering to harness magic to create new technological marvels…

From 18th October to 14th November, come on down to Games @ PI and participate in our Magic The Gathering: Kaladesh Playtest League.Here’s how it’s going to work. On signup, a player will receive three Kaladesh booster packs to build a 30 card deck. Every week, players will receive an additional Kaladesh booster to add to their card pool.

Games @ PI will be hosting  official League Nights on Tuesdays, but players are welcome to organise their own league game with other players at the store throughout the week.

A player who loses their first game against three unique opponents in a week will be allowed to purchase an additional Kaladesh booster at a discounted price.

Participants in the League will receive official Magic Promo Cards for participating (Subject to supply from manufacturer).

Registration Fee: $25
Players Receives: 6 Kaladesh Packs (Across the period.)

Official League Nights:
18th October, 25th October, 1st November, 8th November