Join the Kill Team Campaign from 22nd October to 27th November

Hey PI-Fans,

In the grim darkness of the far future there is only war… yet even amidst the wholesale slaughter of armies, amidst the blackened ruins, small bands of heroes stalk the skeletal remains of once proud cities, seeking to achieve through stealth and guile what the vagaries of war would deny to an entire legion. They are Kill Teams…

Games @ PI will be hosting the Into No Man’s Land Kill Team Campaign from 22nd October to 27th November.

Interested? Here’s what you’re going to need.

To participate in the Kill Team League, you will need a 200 point Kill Team constructed using the official Kill Team construction rules.

Games will be played using the official Kill Team Campaign League Format which can be viewed at the store and will be played using the Laurels of Victory system over a four week period.

The Official League Day at Games @ PI on Saturdays, but players are welcome to organize their own league game with other players at the store throughout the week.

Participants in the League will receive official Warhammer 40,000 Token Cards and other promos for participating (Subject to supply from manufacturer).


Participants get 5% off Warhammer 40,000 product purchases during the League Period.
Official League Kit Support

Official League Days:
22nd October, 29th October, 5th November, 12th November, 19th November

League Format:
1 Laurel of Victory per game played during League
(1d3 Laurels of Victory for winner)

Achievements to earn additional Discounts over Campaign Period:
Won Three Games
+1% Extra Discount

Paint Contest Entry
+1% Extra Discount

Special Mission: Free For All
+1% Extra Discount

Special Mission: Hero Arena
+1% Extra Discount

Special Mission: Slay The Beast
+1% Extra Discount


Kill Team Paint Contest
Participants are required to submit a Kill Team of four models (Leader and 3 Specialists).

Your models will be judged on the following criterion:
  • Modeling/Conversions
  • Painting
  • Theme Compliance