Hey PI-Fans,

It’s entertaining when your shipment has a better travel sightseeing experience than you. Anyway, we’re back from Doujima where we ran a booth with the nice AL people.

So. Games. Because that’s what we do.

The releases are coming fast this week, with the ‘Madame’ expansion for TIME Stories. One Deck Dungeons has been restocked as well and we’ve got the Forest of Shadows standalone expansion as well.

Then there’s the massive Journeys in Middle Earth board game, taking one to five players on a cooperative app-supported romp through the Lord of the Rings setting!

If you’re after something a bit more casual, the Vegas expansion for Wits & Wagers and it’s massive betting board are in stock. Alternatively look out for ‘The Mind’, a truly mental card game about nonverbal communication.

L5R players can pick up the Masters of the Court clan pack for the L5R LCG. While the Star Wars starfighter pilots can load up on the new wave of ‘Wave 0’ starfighters with the reprint of Saw’s Renegades and the TIE Reaper.

Then there’s a heap of restocks for Star Reams, Fury of Dracula and many other titles as well, so who knows what you’ll dig out!

New Board and Card Game Release
D&D Dungeon of the Mad Mage
One Deck Dungeon: Forest of Shadows
The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle Earth
The Mind
TIME Stories: Madame
Tiny Epic Western
Vegas Wits & Wagers

Board and Card Game Restocks
Catan and Expansions
EPIC Card Game
Fury of Dracula
Hero Realms
One Deck Dungeon
Star Realms and Expansions
Tiny Epic Kingdoms
Tiny Epic Zombies

Role Playing Game Restocks
Dragon Age RPG Core Book
Dragon Age RPG: Face of Thedas
Paranoia RPG Core Box

Stranger Things Have Happened

Hey PI-Fans,

We’ve gotten our hands on a small number of the Dungeons & Dragons Stranger Things Starter Set, melding the elegance of Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons with the ongoing Stranger Things series.

“Experience the D&D adventure Stranger Things character Mike Wheeler has created for his friends. Pick your character — will you be Will the Wise or Dustin the Dwarf? Get your fireballs ready as you investigate the mysterious castle and battle the ferocious Demogorgon. Prepare for just about anything, because the game just got stranger.”

Board and Card Game Restocks
Catan and Expansions
Deception, Murder in Hong Kong
Dr Eureka
Lost Cities
Mice & Mystics
Unstable Unicorns

New Role Playing Game Releases
Dragon Age RPG: Face of Thedas


Hey PI-Fans,

In conjunction with Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League Singapore, the Games @ PI Team will be running a booth at Doujin Market 2019!

Curious about Dungeons & Dragons and roleplaying in general?

We’ll be selling a variety of RPG paraphernalia on the 4th and 5th of May at our booth at Suntec City Hall 401/402 as part of the Doujin Market Convention, so pop on by the booth and pick up a miniature or two and some dice to go along with it.

Feeling artistic? Drop by our painting booth with your new miniature and our friendly staff will walk you through the process of personalizing your own RPG Miniature!

Doujin Market (or Doujima) is Singapore’s largest pop-culture inspired youth arts convention and exhibition, with an aggregate 58,000 visitors over 5 years.

It celebrates doujin – fan communities passionate about creating art, the original and deriviative fan works that they produce, and their aspiritations for self-publishing, and also supports creators in aligned industries such as design, music, tabletop game and boardgame creation.

The event is curated and managed by Neo Tokyo Project, a creative collective based in Singapore with more than 8 years of experience in organizing and planning community pop-culture events.

D&D AL SG aims to be a one-stop portal for all Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League players and DMs in Singapore – with game listings, community resources, playing tips and ways to connect.

Additionally, we actively promote the love for the game through grassroots initiatives such as Open House events for Dungeons & Dragons, demo games and show matches, monthly DM and Player Workshops and social gatherings in hobby stores and gaming clubs.

Midweek Madness

Hey PI-Fans,

With Good Friday tomorrow, we’ve brought the releases forward a day, amd there’s plenty of stuff to go around. On the board game front, there’c Call to Adventure and Ramen Fury. LCG players can keep an eye out for the L5R Unicorn Clan Pack ‘Warriors of the Wind’ while Arkham investigators can prepare for the ‘Wages of Sin’ Mythos Pack. Finally, there’s also the ‘Faces of Thedas’ supplement for the Dragon Age RPG!

Lets get to gaming!

Rush to prepare and slurp up delicious bowls of ramen filled with tasty ingredients in the use-your-noodle card game Ramen Fury. Collect combos of cards to score for different recipes while adding garnishes to boost your points. At the same time, watch out as other players throw spicy chili peppers your way or swipe foods right from your bowls! It’s “take that” fun that will have you calling for takeout!

Make your fate! Inspired by character-driven fantasy storytelling, Call to Adventure challenges 2-4 players to create the hero with the greatest destiny by acquiring traits, facing challenges, and overcoming adversaries. Failed challenges lead players to acquire experience points that may be spent to “push” through tougher challenges. But beware, while some negative experiences will help your hero grow, too many tragedies set them on a dark path. As players’ heroes grow in ability and experience, they move on to harder challenges, eventually facing deadly adversaries and acquiring more and more destiny points. The player whose hero has the highest destiny score wins the game.

New Board and Card Game Releases
Arkham Horror: Wages of Sin Mythos Pack
Call to Adventure
Ramen Fury
Legends of the Five Rings: Warriors of the Wind Unicorn Clan Pack

Board and Card Game Restocks
Catan and Expansions
Legends of the Five Rings LCG Core Set
Sushi Go
Sushi Go Party
Trash Pandas
Wits and Wagers

New Role Playing Game Releases
Dragon Age RPG: Face of Thedas

Monday Madness

Hey PI-Fans,

It’s time for another round of restock, and as normal, we’re loading the store with a variety of new swag.

Here’s the new stuff.

One Deck Dungeon is a card game “roguelike” — a dungeon delve that is different every time, difficult to survive, with a character you build up from scratch. Each card, though, depicts both the obstacle to overcome and the potential rewards for doing so. When you defeat a card, you claim it as either experience, an item, or a skill, tucking it under the appropriate side of your character card to show its benefits. The longer you take exploring the dungeon, the deeper you’ll delve, and the difficulty will scale up quickly!

The Wrath & Glory Starter Set is your portal to adventure in the Warhammer 40,000 universe! Take your first steps into the grim darkness of the far future and experience thrilling tales of the imagination. Inside this box, you’ll find the essential game rules plus everything you need to play bold characters facing dire threats amongst the bloodstained stars of the 41st Millennium.

Star Realms is a fast-paced game of space battles that combines the fun of a deckbuilding game with the interactivity of Trading Card Game-style combat. As you play, you make use of Trade to acquire new Ships and Bases from the cards being turned face up in the Trade Row. Star Realms: Frontiers is a new standalone Star Realms game with an 80-card trade deck and new scorecards that’s suitable for play with up to four players.

New Board and Card Game Releases
One Deck Dungeon
Star Realms Frontier

Board and Card Game Restocks
Bang! The Dice Game
Catan and Expansions
Forbidden Desert
Forbidden Island
One Night Ultimate Werewolf
Resistance Avalon
Sheriff of Nottingham and Expansion
Stuffed Fables
Sushi Go
Sushi Go Party
Ticket to Ride
Ticket to Ride Europe
Tiki Topple

New Role Playing Game Releases
Warhammer 40,000 Wrath & Glory Starter Set

MTG: War of the Spark Preorders

Hey PI-Fans,

We’re taking preorders for the upcoming Magic The Gathering set ‘War of the Spark’ from now until the 9th of April.

Come down to PI, place your orders and place a full deposit before the 9th of April to secure your set.

The Tezzeret, Master of the Bridge Buy-a-Box promo has been fully allocated.

Due to limited availability, the Buy-a-Box promotional card ‘Tezzeret, Master of the Bridge’ will be available to those who preorder the set while stocks last.

Should orders exceed availability of the promotional card, the card will be allocated in order of priority to those who have placed the order and made prepayment in first-come-first-served order.

No Longer Available.

A Galaxy Far Far Away

Hey PI-Fans,

Ignoring the subsequent wave of Roger Roger jokes. Star Wars X-Wing Wave 3 is in, unleashing the forces of the Separatist Alliance and the Galactic Republic onto the table.

Start your Republic squadron with the Guardians of the Republic Squadron Pack, then bolster it with the rugged ARC-170 and nimble Delta-7 Aetherspite. Or wreak havoc with the Servants of Strife Squadron Pack, fill out the ranks with swarms of Vulture Droids led by a Sith Infiltrator.

Don’t worry board gamers. We haven’t forgotten you either.

Rory Story Cubes is back in stock along with Comanauts, a new science fiction themed Adventure Book system using the game-play pioneered by Stuffed Fables!

It’s a great weekend for gaming folks, so pop on down and join us!


New Board and Card Game Releases
Rory’s Story Cubes Classic
Rory’s Story Cubes Actions
Rory’s Story Cubes Voyages

Board and Card Game Restocks
7 Wonders
Arkham Horror LCG
Arkham Horror: Return to Dunwich Legacy
Arkham Horror: Return to Night of the Zealot
Azul – Stained Glass of Sintra
Deception: Murder in Hong Kong
Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game
Dominion 2nd Edition
Lost Cities
My Little Scythe
Robinson Crusoe
Stuffed Fables

Role Playing Game Restocks
Warhammer 40,000: Wrath & Glory

FELDHERR FIGURE CASE ORDERS – Closes 25th March 2019

Hey PI-Fans,

You’ve been asking for Feldherr. So… we’re ordering more Feldherr during March.

Games @ PI is taking pre-orders for Feldherr Cases at a Singapore dollar price of 1.7x the Euro listed price on the Feldherr Website (https://www.feldherr.net/). This price is inclusive of the shipping cost.

Be Quick!

Please note that for tracking purposes, you will need to be a Games @ PI Member to place an order. Please make a full deposit upfront for orders. Final date for orders is 25/03/19.



Hey PI-Fans,

If you’re following, we’re looking for a new full-time staffer.   If you’re interested, check out our staff roles and responsibilities.

We’ve had a trolley load of stuff that came in in the meantime!

Check out the list below for a full list of releases!


New Board and Card Game Releases
Arkham Horror: The Secret Name Mythos Pack
Catan Scenarios: Crop Trust
Legends of the Five Rings: Children of the Empire
The River

Board and Card Game Restocks
7 Wonders
Cash & Guns 2E
Dominion 2E
Dungeons & Dragons Tomb of Annihilation Board Game
The Captain Is Dead
The Captain Is Dead Lockdown
Tiny Epic Kingdom
Tiny Epic Zombies
Keyforge: Call of the Archons Starter
Mage Knight: The Board Game
Magic Maze
Munchkin Warhammer 40,000
River Dragons
Rock Paper Wizard
Scythe: Invaders From Afar Expansion
Scythe: The Wind Gambit Expansion
Scythe: The Rise of Fenris

Role Playing Game Restocks
GENESYS Core Rulebook
GENESYS: Shadow of the Beanstalk
Warhammer 40,000: Wrath & Glory and Accessories

Miniature Restocks
Magic: The Gathering Creature Forge: Overwhelming Swarm
WizKids RPG Miniatures

The Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer’s League Open House

Hey PI-Fans,

Over the weekend, we ran our seasonal Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer’s League Open House in conjunction with D&D Adventurer’s League Singapore.

Designed to introduced new players to the hobby of role-playing, we had a full house of players learning to role-play with our friendly Dungeon Masters as well as many who stopped by the hobby table to learn to paint their own character miniatures.

A store full of happy faces is testament to a job well done, and we’re looking forward to running more of such events in the future.

– Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager

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