Books to Up Your Game

Hey PI-Fans, For the curious, one of the little personal pleasures of running a game store is that occasionally you can exercise a little discretion. A little rack of non-fiction books nestled on a shelf might seem offbeat and quirky, but for the curious, this little curated range of titles is a little treasure trove of the things we find absolutely fascinating about the industry as a whole. As part of the ongoing efforts to ensure that our catalogue is available through our webstore, the time has come for this little hidden pocket of gems to become available online as well. The range shifts and varies as titles wander in-and-out of stock, often small print runs from publishers, and the topics can run the gamut from a short essay on Game Mastering by RPG industry veteran Robin Laws (of D&D fame), wargaming design diaries from Rick Priestley (one of the [...]