6 Days to March of the Machine Prerelease

Hey PI-Fans,

Six days remaining to Games@PI’s Magic: the Gathering – March of the Machine Prerelease Event!

The Phyrexians, being weird and horrible, take hideous pleasure in covering the table in Incubator tokens, vile eggs that their controller can hatch into a menagerie of Phyrexian life forms. Just try not to think too hard about the source of the biological matter that’s going into these terrifying Easter Eggs.


The prerelease event for the ‘March of the Machine‘ set happens Saturday, 15/4/23

We’ll be doing a daily countdown, sharing our favourites of the cards previewed and preparing for the event! Are you excited for the battle?! Will you marshal the invading Phyrexian horde and finally leave your opponent with egg on their face?

The event details are as follows: 

April 15 (Saturday), 2pm
Format: Sealed, three rounds Swiss, best-of-3 matches
Fee: $35
3 wins – 4 set booster packs
2 wins – 2 set booster packs
1/0 wins – 1set booster pack

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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