Hey PI-Fans,

The king was accidentally turned into a frog! Gather your friends, stride across the forest, and find the correct ingredients to prepare a potion that will cure him.

If you’re looking for a good cooperative experience to play with the younger ones, I highly recommend Magic Maze Kids, a family friendly adaptation of the Magic Maze board game.

In Magic Maze Kids, each player is responsible for movement of tokens along a single vertice (up, down, left, right) – as a result, in order to navigate the jungle maps before the timer runs down, players need to coordinate actions with each other to traverse the windy jungle paths. Tutorials gradually teach players the rules, and several levels of difficulty make the game evolve with the players.

As a teaching tool, Magic Maze Kids works as a wonderful way to get some gaming time in with younger audiences, while teaching cooperation and teamwork as players rush to complete the jungle puzzles as fast as possible.

If this catches your eye, you can pick up your own copy at Games @ PI!