Hey PI-Fans,

While miniature fans have been loading up on plastic BattleMechs with the return of our Clan Invasion promotion and we’ve got a swath of crazy deals going just in time for the upcoming Lunar New Year, doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten you like seeing new stuff on our shelves.

While you’re taking advantage of the deals to load up on games for the New Year weekend, don’t forget to check out the new titles as well.

We’ve got a heady mix of titles with the asymetric adventuring game VAST: The Mysterious Manor leading the charge. Drifting along with it is the deeply tactical two-player head-to-head Seastead, which has players racing to collect resources and construct flotillas while riding off an opponent’s action. Last but not least is Funfair, a theme park construction board game where players hire staff and build attractions, aiming to construct a successful Funfair.

Judging by the upcoming weekend celebration, it’s going to be a short week.

For those who celebrate, Happy New Year!
Take care, have fun and play some games!


– Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager


First up, let’s take a look at Leder Games’ VAST: The Mysterious Manor.

As an adventuring game with a twist, VAST is a 1-5 player adventuring game that builds asymmetry into the playstyle of the various factions. The Paladin quests to find and slay the Spider, the Skeletons guard the manor and seek to run down the intruding Paladin, the Spider seeks to lay eggs and escape the manor, the warlock seeks to unearth treasure and lay down curses while the manor itself wages it’s own struggle against those inhabiting it. With a pileup of competing goals, gameplay styles and objectives, who will come out on top in the haunted corridors of the mysterious manor?

BUY IT BECAUSE: You like Betrayal at House on the Hill and wish EVERYONE could be the traitor at once or you’ve always had a desire to be a House.

Grab VAST: The Mysterious Manor at the Games @ PI webstore!

If you want a more sedate (and strategic) two player experience, contemplate Seastead, a strategic economic and resource management game.

Image result for Seastead WizKidsA 2-player head-to-head board game set in a waterlogged future, in Seastead, players a rival powers seeking to gain influence on the remaining flotillas. With the survival of humanity in the balance, sabotaging your rival outright would put too much at risk! Instead, players must balance their actions staying aware that whether they take actions to dive to gather resources or construct new facilities, their opponent will receive potential benefits by riding on the action taken. While simple on the surface, the depth of Seastead comes from players staying aware of the impact of their actions on both their side and their opponent’s side of the board. Strike cunning deals, build stable ground, and clean the ocean. Then, you will truly lead Seastead!

BUY IT BECAUSE: You enjoy a clean two-player head-to-head game with resource management like Puerto Rico with the potential for greater depth or you really really liked Waterworld.

Grab Seastead at the Games @ PI Webstore!

Want a great family friendly experience? Give Funfair, an all new theme park construction game a whirl.

Image result for funfair board game
In Funfair, 2-4 players work to manage their own carnival, building theme park rides and facilities, hiring staff to man them and upgrading their facilities to attract the crowds. Players take turns gathering funds and drawing cards, then paying card costs in order to drop staff, upgrades and attractions into their park, each typically entering play with bonus abilities that allow for more efficient actions in the future. Space, however, is limited, so players must weight the type and scale of what they push into their theme park in order to maximise their score. Designed as a lighter and faster standalone version of Unfair, Funfair allows players to focus on managing their own parks with less negative play, faster setup and tighter gameplay.

BUY IT BECAUSE: You like light tableau drafting style games like Machi Koro but don’t want to deal with the negative take-that style gameplay of Funfair’s bigger brother Unfair (or maybe you do, in which case, go for Unfair instead) we don’t judge.

Grab Funfair at the Games @ PI Webstore!