Hey PI-Fans,


With Nottingham, UK potentially going back into Lockdown, Games Workshop has brought to attention the possibility of supply disruptions in the near future. As much as I’d like to drop snark about COBRA Commander, there is a time and a place for everything and with the situation as serious as it currently is, this is not the time.

What this means for you, as a Games Workshop hobbyist in Singapore, is that both a metaphorical and literal winter may be just around the corner.

I’m going to be transparent. If nothing happens, great. Business as usual. However, if Nottingham gets shut down again, if you plan to stay hobbying through the final months of 2020, we suggest going to assess your stockpiles.

While the Games @ PI team is intentionally deepening our holding stock, in the event you’d like to keep hobbying during the the possible End Times ™*, this is as good a time to contemplate your strategic plastic reserves. Furthermore, if you’ve been eyeing a particular kit as an end-of-year reward for yourself**, consider ordering it soon.

After all, in the event that the sky doesn’t fall, as everyone is hoping, well… you were planning on assembling and painting those models anyway weren’t you?


– Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager


Ninth Edition Update: the Total Obliteration of My First Draft – Goonhammer

If you’re preparing an emergency hobby stockpiles for the speculative upcoming UK Lockdown, we’re here to help (since we’re shipping stuff anyway). Games @ PI will be taking special orders for any final requests*** that you would like in ASAP this year.

From 17th October to 29th November, assuming the UK stays open, we’re extending our regular Preorder Promotion to all Games Workshop special orders made during this period.

Any order made using the code “THANKS2020” will receive a 20% discount. #

Preorder Promotion applies to all Games Workshop 40K products preordered via the Games @ PI webstore and all non-paint and tools Games Workshop product ordered at the Games @ PI retail store.

Full deposit required on all purchases.

Products will ship from the UK and be available for delivery/in-store collection in 1-2 weeks from point of order.

Orders are subject to supplier availability (and GW staying open).

In the event that orders cannot be fulfilled by Games Workshop, Games @ PI will arrange for refunds of deposit.


* The last time this happened, the Old World exploded. Let’s… not… do that again.
** And to be honest, with the way 2020 has been going, a little self-love wouldn’t hurt.
*** We hope not, but when have you known us to be optimists?

# Subject to availability. Games @ PI will arrange for refunds should Games Workshop be unable to fulfil orders.