Hey PI-Fans,

Yes folks, it’s already September and the start of the school holidays! We have not 1, but 3 New Releases today: CTRL, Unlock! Epic Adventures and Forgotten Waters.  



Pronounced ‘Control’, this abstract 3D block game is all about covering a cube with your coloured blocks! In the box, there’s a cube, many coloured bricks and coloured flags. To start, claim a corner of the cube and plant your flag. On your turn, you remove your coloured flag (which indicates your starting point) add 2 bricks in a straight line to ‘grow’ your territory. In later stages, you can take over your friend’s turf by sticking your coloured bricks on top of theirs! Scoring gets interesting where as long as you can see your coloured brick from all sides of the cube, it counts! You get more points for stacking your block higher! 

A quick, highly strategic puzzler that everyone can play! 

For 2-4 Players, 20 Minutes Playing Time, Ages 7+

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Unlock! Epic Adventures


Unlock! Epic Adventures is the seventh release in the Escape Game style series. There’s 3 new scenarios to solve: ‘The Seventh Screening’, ‘The Dragon’s Seven Tests’ and ‘Mission #07’.

‘The Seventh Screening’ is set in a Werewolf B-Grade Horror film, ‘The Dragon’s Seven Tests’ is a martial arts theme scenario about becoming new disciples of Master Li. ‘Mission #07’ is a secret agent scenario about identifying a Mole in organization EAGLE. 

Work together, search the scene, solve the puzzles, progress to the next room and finish the scenarios unscathed!  

For 1-6 Players, 60-90 Minutes Playing Time, Ages 10+

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Forgotten Waters


Put on your best pirate accent, mateys! We’re setting sail! In Forgotten Waters, you and your friends are pirates sailing the Seven Seas and getting into all sorts of trouble! Loot, plunder, get flung to exotic locations, level up your individual pirate characters with their own backstory and ambitions! From the makers of ‘Dead of Winter’, immerse yourself in the pirate adventure you’ve dreamed off since childhood! Put on that Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack and go forth on an adventure! 

For 3-7 Players, 60-120 Minutes Playing Time, Ages 14+

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