Hey PI-Fans,
Good Sunday morning to you! We received lots of Kittens and Burritos yesterday evening!

Exploding Kittens & Expansions

The Original Exploding Kittens is a hot potato, party game favorite! The basic premise is: don’t get the exploding kitten! Play cards to defuse, distract the kitten, attack other players and basically stop yourself from being taken out of the game! It’s a wacky, goofy, frantic game full of silly!
If you need the game for more people, there’s the Exploding Party Pack which scales the game to 10 players!
If you’re playing with grown ups who want to really hang lose and have fun, there’s the NSFW (not safe for work) Exploding Kittens box.
There are 3 different expansions for classic Exploding Kittens:
1. Imploding Kittens – which scales the game to 6 players and even has a cardboard ‘cone of shame’ hat!
2. Streaking Kittens – which adds more goofy cards to the original game
3. Barking Kittens – which adds even more zany cards and has a silly cat hat called ‘I Do What I Want’
So pick your Kittens, choose how you want to expand them out and have a great time!

Throw Throw Burrito

Throw Throw Burrito is a wacky card game meets Dodgeball hybrid party game, where you collect 3 of a kind picture cards like: Meow Cow, Barky Shark, Goth Sloth to score points. But if someone plays a Burrito card, means they will grab the foam burrito provided and throw it at you,for real! In which, if they hit you, they steal your points!
Wage all out burrito war on your friends! No hard feelings!
Check out these awesome games in the store! See you there!