Hey PI-Fans,

Far be it for me to pass up the obvious Monty Python reference about nobody expecting the Spanish Inquisition.*

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s time to talk about the final component to wrap up Games Workshop’s Psychic Awakening mega-event.

While the Inquisition and the Necrons being the focus of the book came as no surprise to anyone, being the last factions yet to receive updates, the real surprise is the GW team plumbing the vault to bring us the return of Ephrael Stern, Heretic Saint and previously star of her own comic series in the original Warhammer magazine.

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Psychic Awakening: Pariah is the final book in the Psychic Awakening series and chronicles the battles between the Imperium’s Indomitus Crusade and the Necrons of the Pariah Nexus. At the forefront of the conflict are the Inquisition’s Ordo Xenos, led by Lord Inquisitor Kyria Draxus and the resurgent Necron Empires, led by Cryptek Illuminor Szeras.

Being the faction leader in a campaign book comes with several perks, and Illuminor Szeras has siezed the opportunity to make the leap from resin to plastic with a brand new dynamically posed model that towers over the battlefield (and also a hapless disintegrating Imperial).

Opposing Szeras, with the assets of the Ordo Xenos at her beck and call, is Lord Inquisitor Kyria Draxus, a brand new Inquisitor model. Something of a radical, she comes posed here with her Wyvach familiar perched upon her power-fist and a shuriken catapult with a purity seal stuck on it to avoid overly askance looks (This is rather important in the Imperial Inquisition – Inquisitor Helynna Valeria was basically written out of the plot for basically being Trazyn the Infinite’s pen-pal).

We’re also getting Ephrael Stern and Kyangil with this release, an oddball duo comprising a rogue, psychic Sister of Battle and an outcast Aeldari Harlequin, Ephrael’s first new model since her original limited metal model was released to tie into the release of the original Daemonifuge book. As the Heretic Saint, Ephrael’s able to be slotted into any Imperial Army, though it’s likely Adeptus Sororitas players would probably also like a chance to figure out what all the malarky this ‘Psychic Phase’ is about.

She was admittedly a lot less swank in her original (and long out-of-production) incarnation.

Also available is the 20th Anniversary Edition of the Daemonifuge comic (It has been a while hasn’t it?) Re-released in a full color hardback by the Black Library, Daemonifuge sees Ephrael Stern go head to head with the Imperial Inquisition, as she struggles to process the knowledge gifted to her by the grotesque construct known as the Screaming Cage.

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* Amongst their weaponry are such diverse elements as: fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency, an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope, and nice red uniforms.