Hey PI-Fans,

If you’re a fan of Starfighters and making Pew-Pew Noises, Games Workshop has been rather aggressively showcasing it’s Aircraft Dogfight game Aeronautica Imperialis – taking off soon with the upcoming ‘Skies of Fire‘ battle box.

Taros, or T’ros to the T’au occupiers, is a regularly fought over desert mining world. Open warfare broke out on the planet after T’au forces ambushed an Avenging Sons Adeptus Astartes retribution force and occupied the planet.

Take to the skies with the T’au Air Caste as they face down Imperial retribution and go face to face with the Imperium of Man’s Imperial Navy and Astra Militarum pilots, featuring brand new air-frame for Imperial players and the introduction of the T’au as a faction to the aerial battles of Aeronautica Imperialis.

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Skies of Fire represents an all new way to get into Aeronautica Imperialis – Games Wokshop’ ‘Game of Aerial Combat in the 41st Millennium’. Containing all the rules you need to get flying, Skies of Fire also comes with a game mat, dice, reference sheets, tokens and a transfer sheet. Included in the box are three T’au Barracudas fighters and two Tiger Shark fighter-bombers while the Imperium of Man sends up their flyboys in three Lightning Strike Fighters (with the parts options to build one Lightning Fighter) and three Valkyrie Assault Carriers (with part options to assemble them as Vendetta Gunships).

The Taros Air War Campaign Book is the companion volume for the set and includes the full game rules, stats, rosters and upgrades for the new air-frames participating in the Taros campaign. It also comes chock with a host of special rules and scenarios for existing fans of Aeronautica Imperials, making it a welcome addition to players looking to spice up their dogfights.

T’au players can leap into Aeronautica Imperialis with a full range of releases. While the versatile Barracuda Fighters that form the mainstay of the T’au fighter force and the lethal Tiger Shark Fighter-Bombers are perfect for bulking out Air ‘Caste formations from Skies of Fire, the star of the show are the Tiger Shark AX-1-0 Fighter Bombers with their monstrous paired rail cannons or heavy plasma accelerators. Arrive in boxes of six Barracudas or two Tiger Sharks, these aircraft boxes come chock full of weapons options and ordnance to tool out your formations.

Imperium reinforcements likewise rush to the fray with the Astra Militarum’s Valkyrie Assault Carriers and the Imperial Navy’s Lightning Fighters leading the charge and these rugged aircraft can even be assembled as Vendetta Gunships or Lightning Strike Fighters respectively. Packaged in sets of four Valkyries and six Lightnings, these boxes leave plenty of opportunities for air-frame experimentation and are perfect for rounding out existing Thunderbolt and Marauder squadrons.

Now that you’ve seen the combatants, take the air war to the battlefields of Taros with Taros Area of Engagement map sheets, featuring an entrenched T’au installation and a massive subterranean facility with rules for the maps being found in the Taros Air War campaign book.

Players looking to bling up their gaming experience can grab the Aircraft and Aces card decks for their respective factions – containing reference cards for all the new aircraft, upgrades, weapon options, ground defences and ace pilots, these handy game aids can greatly streamline a game of Aeronautica Imperialis.

And don’t forget to show off your faction pride with T’au and Imperium Aeronautica Imperialis dice.

With the air war heating up yet again and the T’au rushing to join the Orks and Imperium in the unfriendly skies of Aeronautica Imperialis, will you rush to join the T’au Air Caste, scramble to intercept with the Imperium of Man or just bust up both these showboats with your Air WAAAGH!!!?

Regardless of what you choose, you’d better decide fast, because there’s hostiles inbound.

Keep your eye to the sky as preorders open SOON (TM). If you have any questions, contact the web team at webstore@pi.com.sg and let us know.