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From A Galaxy Far Away To You

Hey PI-Fans, A long long time ago in a galaxy far away... there was a game store manager who somehow or other started thinking about Star Wars title crawl and unfortunately started rambling. Why? Because the X-Wing Miniatures Game and the Star Wars: Rebellion and Imperial Assault board games are now in stock. Because an all new edition of the award winning X-Wing Miniatures Game has reached our shores. Whether you're a faceless Imperial Veteran, striking out for freedom with the Rebel Alliance or a hardscrabble scum privateer looking out for the next credit, it's time to plunge back into the swirling dogfights of the Star Wars films. Looking to take the fight to the Empire on a more personal level? Whether you're running it against a dedicated Imperial opponent, or pitting your rebel cell in a fully cooperative game against the free Legends of the Alliance companion app, the Imperial Assault board [...]

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Tiny Trash Panda

Hey PI-Fans, Monday sometimes sneaks up on you like a bewildered raccoon stuck riding a garbage truck. I don't actually know how that analogy works, but it was amusing enough for my brain to want to make it stick. Restocks are in along with some new releases. You know how it works. Come down to the store and give Trash Panda a spin with the staff.  And if you're feeling more cerebral, why not give Spy Club a whirl. In Spy Club, players work together as young detectives to solve neighborhood mysteries. It includes a replayable campaign format, with variable unlocking content, for playing a series of 5 games connected together to tell a larger story. Throughout the campaign, you'll unlock new modules with additional rules and story elements. With 40 new modules and 174 cards in the campaign deck, you can reset everything and play multiple campaigns — with [...]

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Many Things Are Going To Die

Hey PI-Fans, I'm not sure what the theme is for this week. I don't think there is even a theme. Then again, with this week's new shiny being 'The Captain Is Dead: Lockdown', 'Doomseeker', 'Delta Green' and 'Boss Monster: Rise of the Minibosses', perhaps the closest thing to a common thread is that things are probably going to die. Usually in entertaining ways. No big. Didn't want to live forever anyway. So on to the games.The Captain is Dead: Lockdown is a new standalone episode in the ongoing saga that started with The Captain Is Dead. Despite their brave escape, the crew is once again in grave danger. The hasty repairs on the ship’s jump core made it cut out a few star systems away. Now they find themselves captured by the Alien Empire. The team must escape by stealing a ship, and must once again work as a team [...]

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Extremely Ex-Scything

Hi PI-Fans, Okay. The pun was terrible. Doesn't change the fact that we have Scythe back in stock. Of course, it doesn't stop there, or I wouldn't have made the pun in the first place. Already own Scythe? Time for Rise of Fenris, an all new Scythe expansion built around campaign play for a Scythe style legacy world. Want something lighter? Try My Little Scythe. Yes. My Little Scythe. Anyway. If you were excited about the new Limited run Marvel Cinematic Universe Core Set for Marvel Legendary that arrived last week, maybe smash things up with Marvel Legendary: World War Hulk. And D&D: Dragon Heist, and a hefty slab of new Reaper Bones, Pathfinder Deep Cuts and Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures RPG figurines because we haven't forgotten the role playing crowd either. All good? Then maybe you'll be able to forgive the pun. In Legendary: World War Hulk, the smartest Heroes in the Marvel universe, the Illuminati, [...]

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TGIF Yet Again

Hey PI-Fans, What a week it's been. But the flowers are still standing. So, the plan is to get back to doing what we do... which is to fire off a slew of new titles to keep you ready for some weekend gaming. So lets get to it. Hoist the T.I.M.E Agency flag and ready yourselves to cross the high seas with Brotherhood of the Coast, the seventh T.I.M.E Stories expansion. Four seasoned T.I.M.E agents have been sent on a mission in the Caribbean in the 17th century, but contact has been cut off and and your help is needed to track them down. Rally your motley crew and ready yourselves for anything is possible in the waters that await you. Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of  the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Marvel Legendary: 10th Anniversary deck-building card game core set features star-studded, action-packed, iconic imagery pulled directly from Marvel’s collection of [...]

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