Hey PI-Fans,

A long long time ago in a galaxy far away… there was a game store manager who somehow or other started thinking about Star Wars title crawl and unfortunately started rambling.


Because the X-Wing Miniatures Game and the Star Wars: Rebellion and Imperial Assault board games are now in stock.

Because an all new edition of the award winning X-Wing Miniatures Game has reached our shores. Whether you’re a faceless Imperial Veteran, striking out for freedom with the Rebel Alliance or a hardscrabble scum privateer looking out for the next credit, it’s time to plunge back into the swirling dogfights of the Star Wars films.

Looking to take the fight to the Empire on a more personal level? Whether you’re running it against a dedicated Imperial opponent, or pitting your rebel cell in a fully cooperative game against the free Legends of the Alliance companion app, the Imperial Assault board game and wave a guerrilla campaign against the Galactic Empire across the edges of space.

The more you tighten your grip, the more star systems will slip through your fingers. Test this maxim in Star Wars: Rebellion, an asymetric strategic wargame set in the Star Wars universe. Choke entire systems as the Galactic Empire or sting and run as the Rebel Alliance. Decide the fate of a galaxy far far away, as you decide whether the Alliance to Restore the Republic will triumph or if the Emperor will rule unchallenged!