Games Workshop Releases For 07/10/18 Delayed Due To Misdelivery

Dear PI-Fans,

Due to a shipping error by UPS, this week’s Games Workshop releases are currently not in store.  We’ve been informed that their couriers are attempting to rectify their error, and we will update as soon as the Deathguard and Astra Militarum releases are in.

Ironically, it’s Deathguard releases, so being lost in the warp should be a familiar experience for them.

The Emperor’s Tarot indicates Courier Designation Upsilon Primus Syndicatus incorrectly translated from the warp. An augury conducted suggest Astra Militarum Regiments drawn from the 314th Prefectus  are currently besieged  at a conflicted fortification, strangely without astropathic access.