Hey PI-Fans,

Our announcement of The Games @ PI Auction 2016 has resulted in a number of questions being asked.

So we’ll clarify how it’s going to work.


Auction Contributions:
If you wish to sell items at the Games @ PI auction, we’ll open to collecting until the 7th of August.
Items placed on auction will be sold during the auction period  from the 10th to 21st of August.
Sellers have the option to collect 60% of the paid bid for their sold items in cash, or 100% in store credit which can be collected from 9th September onward.

To place items up for auction, bring them down to the Games @ PI store and fill up a Auction form listing the items being placed on auction as well as the minimum starting bid.

Games @ PI will hold on to the items placed on auction for the duration of the auction period.

Sealed Bid Auction:
The actual auction will be conducted from 10th to 21st August using a sealed-bid system. Participants will have the opportunity to submit a single Auction Bid Form. The bidder who places the highest bid for an item will purchase the item at their bid value.

In the event of multiple bids being submitted, only the first set of bids will be accepted.

The winning bidder will be contacted via Email after the auction and will have until the 6th of September to collect their bids.


Questions? Feel free to contact us on our Facebook page or via info@pi.com.sg