Hey PI-Fans,

It’s been two weeks since heroes ventured into the perils of the Silver Tower, and our merry band of heroes has grown from strength to strength. How are yours doing, folks?

Games @ PI is organizing a community painting contest and we want to see your Silver Tower heroes! Show us your heroes by posing them on the Games @ PI Paradigm Midpoint Facebook Page by the 11th of June to participate.

To participate, post pictures of a Silver Tower hero in the Paradigm Midpoint Facebook Group.**  Please limit posting to one entry per person.

The collected images will be opened to a community vote, and the hero with the most votes wins an Android unlock code for the Silver Tower App.****

* Figure of speech – Heroes may actually die while playing the Silver Tower board game.
** Heroes not limited to those found in the Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower Box. Go nuts.***
*** Again, figure of speech. Do not go nuts literally.
**** Prizes sponsored by Games Workshop.