Pretty. What do we blow up first?
— Wraith Squadron motto

A Spot of Piracy Mk ii – Electric Boogaloo is a sequel to the original A Spot of Piracy X-Wing event run by Games @ PI in June 2015. The big difference here is… well… since that last convoy fell afoul of some dastardly pirates… well… the convoy ships have started shooting back. So prepare to 杀人放火.

Come on down to Games @ PI on the 24th of April and put your piloting skills to the test in this free-for-all test of mettle, as pilots attempt to engage in some blatant cheaty-faced theft as they attempt to recover booty from a convoy of fleeing cargo ships and walk away with swag from the Spring 2016 X-Wing Tournament Kit including the swanky new alternate art Rebel Veteran Instincts card.

Anyone know who that character is? She looks familiar but I can’t place her.

A Spot of Piracy Mk ii – Electric Boogaloo is a semi-cooperative casual event where players bring a small fleet of fighters and must work together to destroy a convoy of neutral ships attempting to flee the board. Each neutral cargo ship destroyed will drop a cargo counter. Players can attempt to move the cargo counters off the board to collect additional prizes. For Great Justice.

Date: 24/04/16, Sunday, 1pm

Entry Fee: $10
Each participant receives an alternate art Veteran Instincts card and a $6 Games @ PI Voucher Die.

Ship Selection:
Bring a Fleet containing exactly 2 ships with a final pointage of not more that 75 points. All ships must be from the same faction. No large based ships may be fielded for this event.

The Neutral Fleet will include the following ships:
1 HWK-290 Light Transport
1 YT-1300 Freighter
1 YT-2400 Light Freighter
1 VCX-1000 Heavy Freighter
1 GR-75 Medium Transport
1 CR90 Blockade Runner

Board Set Up:

The event will be played on a 6×4″ board marked as follows.
Red Zones are shared Pirate Deployment Zones where all pirate ships will be placed at setup. Destroyed Pirate Ships will also re-enter the map on subsequent turns via Red Zones.
The Neutral Fleet will enter the board via the Green Zone and move towards the Blue Zone to exit the map.

Event Rules:
In A Spot of Piracy Mk ii, you’re a snubfighter pirate band who has coordinated with other like minded pirates to jump a freighter convoy, this time, one carrying military supplies. However, though the pirates may share a goal, they are still pirates, and it probably won’t be long before the alliance falls apart. I will be disappointed if nobody gets shot turn one.
Players treat the ships of all other players as hostile for the purposes of all game effects including weapons fire and ship abilities.

When a ship from a neutral fleet is destroyed for whatever reason, it will drop a cargo container which will be placed under it’s base. Epic ships, having two bases will drop two cargo containers when destroyed. Players may interact with cargo containers using the “Docking Grapples” rule in the special rules section.

Containers and Controlled Containers are treated as obstacles for the purpose of maneuvers and attacking.

Neutral ships will move towards Blue Board edge during their turn. They will also target and fire upon the closest eligible pirate ship during their turn at their initiative, based on arc and range restrictions. Players reserve the right to openly mock anyone killed by a transport.
When a neutral ship enters the blue zone as marked on the map above, it will leave the map and players will no longer be able to score cargo from that ship. At that point, the organiser may also engage in a victory dance. You don’t want to see them dance.
As this is a multiplayer event, the following special rules are in effect.

1) Multiplayer Initiative:
Before each game turn begins and before maneuver dials are set, a player will randomly be selected by die roll as the starting player. The Player will move all his ships of the same initiative value first. Players with ships of the same initiative will move their ships progressively clockwise from that player. The “Starting Player” role will move around the table progressively in a clockwise manner in subsequent turns.

Player A controls 2 ships, PS 8 and 9
Player B controls 2 ships, PS 8 and 8
Player C controls 2 ships, PS 7 and 9

Player A has initiative this round.

C moves PS 7 Ship. 
A moves PS 8 Ship.
B movies both PS 8 Ships
A moves PS 9 Ship
C moves PS9 Ship
Everyone at the table then whines about Vader being overpowered in this scenario.

2) Cargo Grapples:
A ship within Range 1 of a Cargo Container may perform a “Cargo Grapple” action. Remove the Cargo Container from the Map and place it behind the ship that performed the “Cargo Grapple” action. The Cargo Grapple action is not an action bar action and may not be performed as a free action. The container is now a “Controlled Container”. A “Controlled Container” may not be targeted by a “Cargo Grapple” action. When a ship with a “Controlled Container” performs a Green Maneuver, the “Controlled Container” is placed behind the ship. If a ship performs a non-green maneuver, the Cargo Container ceases being a “Controlled Container” and is left where it is.

Controlled Containers will move with ships performing Barrel Roll and Boost actions. Ships with the SLAM action will lose control of Controlled Containers if the SLAM action selected is a non-green maneuver.

If a ship is forced to perform a white maneuver due to an ion token or is forcibly moved by a tractor beam, it immediately loses control of a “Controlled Container”

A ship controlling a container treats it’s agility as 1 point lower when defending against attacks (to a minimum of 0). Ships with cloaked tokens do not receive a +2 agility bonus for being cloaked.

Containers and Controlled Containers are treated as obstacles for the purpose of maneuvers and attacking. Controlled Container tokens may be placed underneath a ship after movement but do not affect the ship it was placed underneath. As much as I like the idea, slapping someone with a crate of thermal detonators would be bad for all parties involved.

3) Reinforcements:
Each time a player’s ship is destroyed, it is returned to play the following turn from that player’s deployment zone with all damage removed. All spent ordnance, pilot skills and illicit cards will be refreshed. A ship that moves off the table is immediately destroyed. The exception to this rule is if a ship moves off the table while in control of a “Controlled Container”.

Ships which move off table with a controlled cargo container fulfill the Loot the World condition below. And are then destroyed.

4) Loot The World:

Players do not score points in the regular fashion.
Each container moved off the table scores 8 points, less the number of containers previously scored.
In the event of a tied score, priority will be awarded to the player who grabbed the earliest container.
The game will immediately end when there are no longer eligible containers on the board. Or closing time happens where everyone including the organizer gets thrown out of the store by irate staff.

After the event, In order of placement, EACH participating players will each get to choose from the following prizes (based on availability):
Acrylic Ion Tokens
IG-88C Pilot Card

The player with the highest score will also be awarded an event medal.

In the (unlikely?) event that no players successfully manages to acquire cargo by the end of the event, game will default to a sudden death format. No player will receive reinforcements from this point and player placing will be determined by destroying enemy ships.

Each player who placed will get a prize. In the event that player numbers exceed the prize pool, the prize pool will be supplemented at the store’s discretion. Prizes will be distributed to event participants present upon conclusion of the event.




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