Hello!! Finally, I started on the Triarch Stalker model. It was quite difficult doing this model when it comes to assembling it. One feature I like about this model was that I can move the two front big legs of the Triarch Stalker. Also, I like that I have choices to assemble a gun design to my liking and attach it to the model. Previously, I used one of the pieces from the gun pieces and put it on the Necron Warrior’s gun because the one I need was missing.


Painting it was easier, though, since the surface area is bigger. Sometimes, doing small detail painting for too long may hurt your eyes, so this is better for me. I painted the body, legs and character separately before gluing it all together. This way I can paint and make sure all the surfaces were covered. I decided to make my army bases all blue since Huishan make hers red. We both wanted to make it look like the characters are fighting game scene.


I learnt that doing this hobby, requires a lot of time, patience, effort and money but at the end the results makes your hard work worth it. Also, I realised how messy my highlights and shadow placing were when I finished painting. I still need to practice on that, maybe on digital painting. Next week, I will touch up all the models so I can start playing Warhammer 40,000.