Hey PI-Fans,

It’s another Monday haul folks and we’ve got some new titles out, as well a slab of classic titles. If you’re looking to get some quality gaming, its a good time to go shopping!

What if you could loop back in time to stop a Tragedy?  In Tragedy Looper, you can. In each game, a hidden Mastermind player  will unfold a mystery as the Protagonists try to figure out what is going on and break out of the time loop maze and create a happy future. Will you earn your happy ending? Or will the Mastermind feast upon the misery of their opponents.

In Samurai, players compete to gain the favor of three factions: samurai, peasants, and priests, scattered about the board, which features the islands of Japan. The competition is waged through the use of hexagonal tiles, each of which help curry favor of one of the three factions . As each faction is surrounded, it is awarded to the player who has gained the most favor with the corresponding group.

In this reprint of a classic, in HEY! THAT’S MY FISH! a gaggle of Penguins battle over fishing grounds on a rapidly shrinking iceberg. Each turn, a player moves one penguin in a straight line over hex-shaped ice tiles. The player then collects the hex from where the penguin started its movement from the table, thereby creating a gap which penguins can’t cross on future turns. When a penguin is stranded, it’s removed from play with its owner claiming the tile on which it stands. The player who collects the most fish wins.

Pandemic: The Cure, a dice-based version of the popular Pandemic board game, sets up in less than a minute and plays in 30 minutes. As in the board game, four diseases threaten the world and it’s up to your team to save humanity. You and your team must keep the world’s hotspots in check before they break out of control, while researching cures to the four plagues. If too many outbreaks take place, too many people get infected, or the rate of infection gets too high, all the players lose. If, however, the players can discover the cures to the four diseases, they all win and humanity is saved!


New Board Game Releases
Carcassonne Big Box
Tragedy Looper
Tragedy Looper Midnight Circle Expansion

Board and Card Game Restocks
A Game of Thrones – The Board Game
Battlestar Galactica
Catan Junior
Le Havre
Munchkin Legends Deluxe
Pandemic: In The Lab Expansion
Pandemic: State of Emergency Expansion
Pandemic: On The Brink Expansion
Pandemic: Contagion Board Game
Pandemic: The Cure Dice Game
Shadow Hunters
Space Hulk: Death Angel Card Game
Terra Mystica
Ticket to Ride
Warhammer 40,000 Conquest: The Great Devourer Expansion


And there’s still stuff we can’t release yet. Try again tomorrow.

I wonder what is in those boxes.